Who Is ….. IndyInkAndToner.com ?

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Who Is ….. IndyInkAndToner.com ?

 user 2012-01-17 at 8:29:41 am Views: 53
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    Local News Fox59 Breaking News For IndyInkAndToner.com

    Most people go to the store and buy another cartridge for at least $25 bucks, but there is an alternative. You really don’t think about it, until it happens to you!  Your printer runs out of ink!  Most people go to the store and buy another cartridge for at least $25 bucks, but there is an alternative.  “What we do is we refill and remanufacture ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges, and its making a difference,” said Gregory Platts, co-owner of Indy Ink and Toner. “Our customers can save you 40 to 60 percent compared to buying a new cartridge, and they work just as well.

    “The cartridges have a print head in the bottom of them and it clogs up and wear out over a period of time, but most cartridges are good for seven to eight refills, and that’s a significant savings over buying a new one every time.”

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    Chris Hession is a customer who likes Indy Ink and Toner because he wants to support smaller businesses.  “You can save money by doing the refill, but don’t forget you are also helping the environment because you don’t have to worry about the cartridges going in landfills,” said Hession.

    Business owners also enjoy doing business with Indy Ink and Toner.
    “I come in here for my business needs, and for the way they do business,” said Darrel Forsman, owner of an Allstate agency in Avon. “It’s less expensive than what I’ve looked at, and they give me real good service and that’s important.”

    Fox59 found a brand new HP 15 printer cartridge selling for $38.  The refill done by Indy Ink and Toner is only $9.99.Most people do not even know you can refill a cartridge, but the Platts having been doing it successfully, saving people lots of money.