Buying and Selling Surplus toners, inks, drums All over EU

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Buying and Selling Surplus toners, inks, drums All over EU

 user 2012-04-17 at 12:46:08 pm Views: 209
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    For our export customers we are currently looking for surplus imaging supplies.
    We focus mainly on toners, drums, fusers and developers, but all imaging supplies might be of interest.

    If you have products you can’t easily sell, we might be able to help out on any of these:

        – EOL products
        – Slow moving products
        – Damaged packaging
        – Open boxes
        – Expired or almost expired inks (HP only)
        – Returns from your customers (with stickers, … )
        – End of Lease Supplies (When a machine is replaced, what happens to the supplies?)

    At the moment we only deal in genuine original products.  So please don’t offer us any compatibles!

    All brands and models are welcome.

    We’re selling to end-users and resellers alike. So contact us about our inventory!