Looking for a worldwide import agent for empties

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Looking for a worldwide import agent for empties

 user 2012-04-26 at 12:57:48 am Views: 878
  • #27145


    sorry for my bad English I translate with google. We come from Germany-Berlin.
    We are looking for a worldwide import agent, which search buyers for our empty virgin inkjet cartridges .

    Payment options for the refill manufacturer:

    - Cash in your country or free trade zones (for example: Dubai, Hong Kong …)
    - 100% in advance on our account
    - Paypal.com

    Shipping costs / air freight costs for the refill manufacturer:

    50% we and 50% you

    Import duties and taxes which are unusual / not common in Germany or the EU:

    the manufacturer pay 100% of this

    Commission-system for agents:

    I am happy to pay you 10% commission for recommendation a refill manufacturer of empty inkjets. Of course only if the refill company has paid. Should I resell empties in the year 2012/2013 to "your" Manufacturer of course you get 10%.
    If you do not want reveal the name of the refill company, you send an manufacturer-agent to Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong or others. I just want from you a deposit for the shipping costs (Outward and(!) return flight) … 100% in advance. This is only (!) necessary at the first (!) deal. Of upon request from you, I will ship only a few packages, as a test for you .
    Request our current empties stocklist Email: [email protected]