Google's Changing The Marketing Game (Video)

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Google's Changing The Marketing Game (Video)

 user 2012-06-19 at 8:42:31 am Views: 83
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    Google’s changing the marketing game (Video)

    Click on this link below to see the video
    - Many who used to use the yellow pages to find a business or restaurant are now using Google. And that is changing the way businesses get customers.

    Printing machines are working overtime at the VIP Printshop and, even through the economic downturn, Owner Chris Roberts says business couldn’t be better. "At first we thought it was going to be catch as catch can… but the phone rang every day and we ended up having pretty staggering results," Roberts said.

    Roberts is talking about his decision to hire Josh Gardner, an internet marketing specialist who guarantees results, search results that is. Getting your company to the top, or near the top of Google. "People have changed the way they find new companies to buy from," Gardner said.

    Fingers that used to do the walking thru the yellow pages… Now just do a little typing.  "If you’re ad is not right there or your website is not listed at that moment, your competitor gets the business," Gardner said. 

    So, Roberts says, he hired the so-called SEO specialist and within a few months, VIP Printshops came up as one of the top results for business cards, wedding invitations and other terms that they figured customers would use to search for a printer. "It was something we really had a tremendous amount of skepticism about initially, and really blew away our expectations," Roberts said. 

    Roberts business increased he says by 10 or 15 percent, so much so, he says, that for a period he had to turn his online listing – off.  In fact, business has been so good for so long for this printer… he’s actually had other printers offer to buy his website. But it’s not for sale.  What is for sale are search services that Gardner and other marketing specialists provide but if you want guaranteed results, just make sure you search the fine print.