Top 10 News for Week of 10/15/12 – Lexmark A4 Blitz ….

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Top 10 News for Week of 10/15/12 – Lexmark A4 Blitz ….

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    Lexmark A4 Blitz – Brings A3 Capabilities, Solutions to Next-Generation A4 Line

    Memjet Rolls out Lomond EvoJet Office 2 for U.K., Will be Offered Under Monthly Contract

    China’s Pantum Bringing its Laser Printers to the U.K., Ireland

    Sharp Expands Dealer Network with Southern Duplicating

    OKI Data’s New C711WT Features White Toner for Printing on Transfer Material

    Ricoh Integrates ABBYY FineReader with Ricoh GlobalScan NX Software

    MFP Device Security: Fixing What You Don’t Know is Broken

    Review: HP’s ePrint Print Drivers for Windows

    Kyocera Extends Color MFP Family with A3 FS-C8525 and FS-C8520

    A Oce Showcases Memjet-Powered Project Velocity Wide-Format Printer

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    We’ll be shortly testing the Pantum P2000 laser printer. Stay tuned for a Hands-On Test Report and Review.

    The big news this week was an impressive A4 blitz from Lexmark that includes 42 new hardware products, 22 of which feature Lexmark Solutions and integration with software from Lexmark’s Perceptive Software. We got a look at this impressive rollout earlier this month at a meeting with Lexmark executives in New York. 

    Memjet is ramping up its distribution and and rolled out its Lomond EvoJet Office 2 color inkjet printer for distribution in the United Kingdom.

    Following last week’s announcement of LD Products’ U.S. distribution agreement for Pantum laser printers, China’s Pantum International follows up by announcing a U.K. distribution deal for it’s sub-$100 B/W laser printers. On another note, we were notified that LD Products is shipping us a Pantum P2000 test unit this week.

    Sharp continues signing on new dealers, signing up yet another new dealer.

    OKI continues to surprise and innovate, announcing a white-toner printer. Imagine the possibilities.

    Ricoh‘s GlobalScan is one of the very first firmware-based document scanning solutions and Ricoh continues to refine it. With new ABBYY FineReader OCR software integration, it looks like you can now scan/OCR/send to a variety of destination types without relying on an interim server-based OCR solution or OCR in the cloud. This should make it easier for Ricoh to implement its venerable in-house scanning solution.

    Xerox spells out what you don’t know about MFP security.

    Take a look at our popular review on the ability to use HP‘s ePrint remote e-mail printing solution without sending an e-mail.

    Kyocera wants to show us why we need more A3 color MFPs in an increasingly A4 world.

    Océ debuts Project Velocity, a large-format printer that uses Océ technology and Memjet color inkjet printing. Velocity employs five 8.77" wide Memjet print heads and can produce up 500 3′x4′ prints per house. This is a long-overdue innovation for production printers (the hard-working folks that feed their families by literally producing prints "in-house").

    Have a great weekend!

    Terry Wirth

    Lexmark Unleashes A4 Blitz – Brings A3 Print Speed, Solutions to Next-Generation A4 Line

    Lexmark today unleashed what’s arguably the most comprehensive product launch in history, a blitz of next-generation A4 printers and MFPs consisting of 42 hardware configurations with faster print speeds than ever before, up to 70 ppm, with 22 of the models featuring Lexmark Solutions, including four standalone printers.  Leading the new lineup is the 70-ppm A4 MX-812 series with 70-opm scanning and Web pricing starting at $4,699 ($5,907.14 MSRP). Document-scanning hardware and throughput processing has also been upgraded – meeting or exceeding rated print speed – with scanning key to Lexmark positioning itself as not just as a hardware company, but as a solutions company, using its MFP’s scan capability as an on-ramp to its technologies for capturing and intelligently extracting data from scanned paper documents, as well as routing these documents to appropriate destinations, such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.  Also new is an enhancement to Lexmark’s Mobile Print that enables mobile users to print to printers and MFPs that are connected on wired, not wireless networks. Read more here.

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    Memjet Rolls Out Lomond EvoJet Office 2 in the U.K., Will be Offered Under Monthly Contract

    Memjet today introduced the Memjet-powered Lomond EvoJet Office 2 in the United Kingdom. The EvoJet Office 2 is a 60-ppm desktop color printer that employs Memjet’s inkjet printing technology, which in turn incorporates Memjet’s page-width print heads. And, in a first, authorized U.K. dealers will be able to offer the EvoJet 2 under a monthly print contract – the dealer supplies the EvoJet Office 2, ink and services under a fixed monthly contract. The EvoJet Office 2 also features SNMP compatibility, so that it can be used on a “pay per copy” basis. Read more here.

    China’s Pantum Bringing Its Laser Printers to the U.K., Ireland

    ChannelWeb.Co.UK reports that China toner-cartridge remanufacturer Seine is bringing its Pantum laser printers to the United Kingdom and Ireland, having signed its first U.K. distributor, office-products distributor Spicers. Earlier this month, we reported that Seine had signed up its first U.S. first dealer, LD Products, Inc. of Long Beach, California, also known as Read more here.

    Pantum is also bringing its laser printers to the Middle East/North Africa, as well as to India, and, in a few weeks, to South Africa. Read more here.

    Sharp Expands Dealer Network with Southern Duplicating

    Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America has an a new authorized dealer, Southern Duplicating of Mississippi, which will now offer Sharp IT solutions, including Sharp’s copier and MFP lineup.

    Southern Duplicating, located in Clarksdale, MS has been in the office-equipment business since 1989, serving clients throughout Mississippi. It’s also an authorized dealer for both Kyocera and Konica Minolta office MFPs, printers, fax machines and wide-format systems.

    OKI Data’s New C711WT Features White Toner for Printing on Transfer Media

    OKI Data Americas has introduced the C711WT, an  A4 desktop color printer that can use white toner for printing on transfer media such as T-shirts and garments. To print with white toner, the user simply removes the black toner cartridge and imaging drum. and replaces it with a white toner cartridge and imaging drum for cyan, yellow, magenta and white printing. Read more here.

    Ricoh Integrates ABBYY FineReader with Ricoh GlobalScan NX Software

    Maker of OCR and document-recognition software ABBYY USA today announced that that Ricoh has integrated ABBYY FineReader Engine 10 OCR software into its GlobalScan NX software to improve the accuracy and speed of text-recognition results. The FineReader Engine 10 Software Development Kit (SDK) supports OCR (optical character recognition) in 198 languages and features PDF conversion and fast processing speeds. ABBYY says the combined solution simplifies document-recognition processes for organizations in the education, healthcare, and human resources, as well as for SOHO and enterprise users. Read more here.

    Multi-Function Device Security: Fixing What You Don’t Know is Broken

    In the following article from Xerox, networking and security expert Mark Gibbs provides his opinion as to why enterprises need to take multifunction device security seriously, and list features to look out for when considering an enterprise-worthy device security product. Read more here.

    Review: HP’s ePrint Print Driver for Windows

    By now, we’re all probably familiar with Hewlett-Packard’s ePrint remote printing application: during the printer installation, the ePrint-capable printer is assigned an e-mail address; then you register your printer at HP’s ePrint Center and assign printing defaults and security settings;  finally, you send an e-mail with an attachment to that e-mail address and the ePrint-capable printer will automatically print the attachment. However, ePrint was only capable of printing attached images, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, Adobe PDFs, and photos. You were our of luck however if you simply wanted to remotely print (File/Print) from within an application such as Microsoft Excel – until now. Read more here.

    Kyocera Extends Color MFP Family with A3 Ecosys FS-C8525 and FS-C8520

    Kyocera Document Solutions has added new color MFPs for the office, the Ecosys FS-C8525MFP $8,259 MSRP) and FS-C8520MFP ($7,149 MSRP), rated at 25 (black)/25 (color) ppm and 20 (black)/20 (color) ppm respectively. The A3  MFPs print, copy and scan on up to 11″x17″, and come standard with print, copy, and scan, with fax and network fax optional, and feature the firm’s long-life imaging drum technology. Read more here.

    Oce Showcases Memjet-Powered Project Velocity Large-Format Color Inkjet Printer

    Océ is showcasing the North American debut of its first large-format Memjet-powered printer, Project Velocity, at the SGIA Expo 2012 trade show being held October 18-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Project Velocity is a product concept that combines Oce’s expertise in production printing and workflow for large-format printing, with Memjet’s high-speed digital color inkjet printing. Read more here.

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