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    U.S. Imaging Solutions Announces $500 Performance Guarantee
     FORT LAUDERDALE — By Increasing 4-Hour Performance Guarantee by 1,000 Percent, USIS is Setting a New Standard for the Document Imaging Industry

    U.S. Imaging Solutions (USIS), Which sells and services office equipment including copy and fax machines and supplies to corporate clients in all 50 states, is already one of this area’s Fastest growing private companies (Number 11 in the South Florida Business Journal’s 2004 Book of Lists, Number 3 in the 2003 Book of Lists).

    Ever since it was founded in 1998, USIS has aggressively sought, quoting the company’s vision statement, “to set a new standard and professionalize the imaging solutions industry by providing unparalleled service and products.” In fact, company co-founder and co-chief executive officer Sean C. Guerin has publicly pledged to “challenge and shake-up” an industry that has often been riddled with dubious performance guarantees and erratic service support.

    “It is time to walk the talk,” says Guerin. “USIS was founded on the cornerstones of Quality, Value, Service and Professionalism, so we’re pleased today to announce a dramatic and public escalation of our commitment to superior customer service.”

    “While several of our competitors claim to have a 4- hour performance guarantee — the maximum time between getting a service call from a client and actually responding — there are numerous loopholes and fine print,” Guerin explains. “For some of our competitors, this means calling the customer back within 4 hours; for others, the 4-hour response guarantee is only for emergency situations. A few of our competitors followed the USIS example by offering some sort of credit if their field engineers aren’t on site within 4-hours, but they complicate the process by demanding that the client fill out reams of bureaucratic paperwork. That may be OK for them, but it isn’t good enough for USIS and our valued clients.

    “Accordingly, from this day forward for both new and existing clients, USIS is dramatically increasing our innovative $50 Performance Guarantee by a whopping 1,000 percent. If we don’t have a field engineer physically on-site within 4 hours, our clients will receive a $500 credit on their account.”