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 user 2004-01-30 at 9:58:00 am Views: 107
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    New Solid Ink Platform
    Xerox rolled out its first solid ink platform since the advanced office color printing technology was redesigned in 1998. The Phaser 8400 is the first of a family of color printers built around this new solid ink architecture. Innovations in print head design result in smaller, more uniform ink drop size. Image quality is further enhanced by 300 percent more inkjets that fire 30 million drops per second. The redesign shaved 25 percent off the printer’s weight and cut the number of parts from about 600 to a dozen sub-assemblies.

    Like other solid ink products, the Phaser 8400 uses a considerably lower volume of materials to produce color prints. Thus, it produces 97 percent less waste than a comparable color laser printer over the life of the product. It starts at US$999 and is available immediately.

    Xerox’s other new office printers are the Phaser 4500, a 36-ppm black-and-white laser printer, and the Phaser 7750, a 35-ppm color laser printer. With more features and faster print speed than other printers in its class, the Phaser 4500 starts at $979. The Phaser 7750 color laser printer is designed for graphic arts and office professionals who need high-quality color output for day-to-day printing and pre-press proofing. Starting at US$5,599, it’s 46 percent faster than other color laser printers. Both printers are available immediately.