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 user 2004-02-17 at 8:52:00 am Views: 136
  • #6064
    Konica, Minolta brand names to merge: “BIZHUB”?!@<@>
     Konica Minolta Holdings Inc will unify the brand names of cameras still bearing the Minolta brand as well as such products as photographic film that is still being sold under the Konica name.

    These products will start bearing the Konica Minolta brand name starting at the end of this month, and sales activity and advertisements will focus on the integrated company to heighten efficiency and Name recognition.

    For cameras, the new brand name will initially appear on four digital camera models to debut at the end of this month. For film and disposable cameras, the new name will appear in Japan in March and overseas in April.

    Meanwhile, in office-use equipment, digital multifunction peripherals that have been sold under both the Konica and Minolta brands will be unified under the “Bizhub” name beginning next month.