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 user 2004-03-03 at 9:35:00 am Views: 148
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    Hello, we are gearing up for the 2004 Int’l ITC Miami Trade Conference in Miami Flordia.  We will have extra distribution for the April issue at the show.  Having said that I need your feedback……………< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    1.)    What did you think of our past few issues?  What did you like or not like, let me know if this can be “on the record” or not.

    2.)    Any articles that you may want to contribute if you haven’t already.

    3.)    How are we doing overall?

    Our deadline for the April issue will be < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />March 10, 2004, so if you want to be in this SPECIAL SHOW ISSUE please contact me today for your discounted pricing.

    In the meantime here is some of what we will be covering in the April issue.

     ……..…………………….Theme: Outsourcing……………………………………                                     


    Outsourcing and What It Means To Our Industry

    The phenomenon of outsourcing is a major factor in the trend toward consolidation in our industry.  A high percentage of the cartridges remanufactured each month are produced by a small number of large companies. What does this mean for the present and future of the industry?  This article presents an intelligent assessment of what is happening.

    By Rob Cowman, Environmental Business Solutions


    Outsourcing: Leave the Cartridge Remanufacturing to Us

    The number of small and mid-sized companies who opt to order some or all of their entire remanufactured cartridge inventory from larger remanufacturers is growing. The author interviews remanufacturers who are outsourcing and asks why they are doing it, how it is working out for them and what to consider when buying from an outsourcer.

    By Neal McChristy, WFP Co.


    The Economics of Outsourcing

    What do the numbers have to say?  What is the profit margin, really, when it comes to outsourcing cartridges?  Here is an intelligent analysis of the subject, complete with charts and projections that show what it takes to be profitable in a tough marketplace.

    By Martin Stein, QIP


    Outsourcing from an Outsourcer’s Point of View

    What are the compelling reasons to outsource remanufactured cartridges from a large producer of remanufactured product?  Presented from the point of view of the large producer, this article discusses the advantages and benefits experienced by companies who choose to use outsourced cartridges. 

    By Craig Faczan, MSE


    New Ways to Think About Change

    It has been said that the only constant in this world is change.  Everything is always changing—the economy, the marketplace and individual companies.  How a company deals with change can determines its level of success.  Here is a fascinating exploration of the way things used to be and how they are now—and how to adapt to the new world we live in.

    By Isabel Sarriera


    Differentiate, Educate—and Beat the Competition

    How to distinguish your product or service from the competition is explained by our sales expert, complete with real-life examples from our industry.  She interviews industry members who describe their methods for skillfully outselling their competitors.

    By Ann Barr,


    Printer Diagnostics

    From a master in his field comes information about how to troubleshoot printer repairs by running the diagnostic programs built into several printer models—the HP 9500, 3700, 4600 and 5500. Detailed descriptions of different diagnostic tests are given along with plenty of insider advice.

    By Don Thompson, GRC


    Remanufacturing the Brother DR200 Drum Unit

    An illustrated, step-by-step guide to remanufacturing this cartridge.  Detailed color photos make each step crystal clear and easy to follow.

    By Craig Rummler, Future Graphics


    Remanufacturing the Lexmark E-220 Toner Cartridge

    A full discussion of the ins and outs of remanufacturing this chipped cartridge, which comes in both Prebate and non-Prebate versions.  Each step is described and illustrated with color photos. 

    By Mike Josiah, Summit Laser


    Outsource This!
    Our resident commentator has a few thoughts of his own on the subject of outsourcing.  Always outspoken, insightful and wry, he fearlessly tackles another essay and downs a few onlookers in the process.

    By Allan Honeyman


    Inside Int’l ITC

    President Darrell Stepp reveals his latest thoughts about the Int’l ITC and its activities.


    Last Word

    What issue of Imaging Spectrum would be complete without the editorial comments of our Executive Director Tricia Judge?


    Thank you for your time & support, as always!

    Hope to “see you in Miami!”

    Gabrielle Reisler

    Advertising Sales Director

    (I-ITC) International Imaging Technology Council
    P-(702) 515-0880
    F-(702) 656-4226
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