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 user 2004-03-08 at 9:52:00 am Views: 96
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    Static Control Announces Sale of New Chips for Lexmark Printers

    SANFORD, N.C., March 2 /PRNewswire/ — Static Control Components, in Its battle against Lexmark International, announced Tuesday that they have released for sale throughout the United States a series of new, completely reengineered chips, compatible with Lexmark T520, T620 and T630 printer toner cartridges.

    The new Reengineered Replacement chips include original features created by Static Control Components (SCC), that are not available on the comparable Lexmark chip. These features can improve print quality when toner is low, and provide remanufacturers with chip maintenance and reset features. SCC has applied to register the copyrights for this new chip software.

    On December 30th, 2002, Lexmark filed a lawsuit against SCC. In the suit Lexmark claims that SCC’s Smartek 520/620 chips violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. In February of 2003, Judge Karl Forester granted Lexmark an injunction against SCC for the sale of the Smartek 520/620 chips.

    Static Control Components’ engineers and product development teams have designed a new chip that allows remanufacturers to refurbish Lexmark printers, primarily the T520 and T620 printer family. In addition, SCC is also offering a solution for the T630 line of printers.

    “This is a big day for us,” said SCC CEO Ed Swartz. “Our engineers and development staff have done a tremendous job working on a solution that we feel not only complies with the judge’s order, but offers better value to the remanufacturer and consumer. This is a great day for our company, the remanufacturing industry and the consuming public.”

    Last week, Static Control Components filed suit against Lexmark in Lexington, Kentucky seeking an order from the court declaring that Static Control has the right to sell its Reengineered Replacement 520/620 and 630 chips.

    “We feel that we have a chip that complies with the judge’s order,” said SCC General Counsel Skip London. “We also feel that we have the right to sell our redesigned chips. We have devoted a lot of resources to building new, more functional chips that we believe comply with the judge’s orders.”

    Static Control Components, which employs over 1,200 people in Sanford, North Carolina accounts for over $250 million in annual sales. The primary market for Static Control Components is the laser toner cartridge remanufacturing market. Static Control supplies over 3,000 replacements parts to over 9,000 remanufacturers all over the world.