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 user 2004-03-10 at 10:52:00 am Views: 92
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    Chinese Printer Shipments Will Grow to 10 Percent of Worldwide Shipments by 2005

    China is rapidly becoming an important market for printer vendors, and as printer shipments in this region grow, so too will demand for ink and toner. While the country accounted For 4 percent of worldwide printer shipments in 2001, Lyra forecasts that it will account for 10 percent of worldwide printer shipments in 2005 (see figure).

    While the Chinese printer-manufacturing industry is large and growing, the domestic Chinese printer industry is still technologically weak. Japanese and U.S. firms such as Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark drive almost all production in China. This is because China has no native access to the patented and copyrighted intellectual property needed to design and manufacture the basic elements of printers (e.g., print-head and toner cartridge designs). China also has no well-established domestic printer brands of its own–foreign printer brands completely dominate the distribution channels. While domestic PC brands such as Legend and Founder do private-label some printers and sell them, often bundled with PC systems, most Chinese consumers purchase printers from the major overseas printer vendors.

    This information is derived from The Toner Market in China: Forecast and Demand Factors, a new report from Lyra Research. This report examines the laser printer, laser-based MFP, copier, and toner markets in China and is essential for any vendor that is competing or plans to compete in this growing market.