Vern Robertson . canada

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Vern Robertson . canada

 user 2004-03-13 at 11:28:00 am Views: 86
  • #6531

    Ok, enough is enough this guy Juan Alberto from Peru shipped bad cartridges BC-02 without vent plugs and you all know there is no after marker vent plugs – 26 & 29 with bad circuits, 45 that looked like they had been run over by a truck and laser that he must have got out of the garbage dump because they had horse S%$# in them.

    When this came out and there’s no substantiation, some said, ‘someone’s a crook so let’s go after the broker and make him the scapegoat,” or we will black ball him and compare him to “another Canadian Brian Ogaki” well I got news for you I to got burn by Brian too

    Juan is using this forum and excerpts from other e-mails to try and blackmail me into paying him the truth is don’t buy empties from Juan, I paid him for the good ones and maybe even some not so good, and offered to return the junk at his expense but he did not want them, but I will not pay him for junk no matter what some of you people are saying that are unwilling to add your name to your posting and have no idea what you are taking about on the other side of the story

    Vern Robertson