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 user 2004-03-17 at 9:16:00 am Views: 77
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    New Remanufacturing Industry Association gets vote of approval nationwide
    In an unprecedented show of solidarity, the remanufactured imaging supplies industry has worked together over the last year to create the International Imaging Technology Council (Int’l ITC), a new national trade association. Int’l ITC joins vendors, remanufacturers and industry supporters as teammates to plot the course for industry education, advocacy and communications.

    “It has been an exciting and exhausting year,” says Pam Adzima, acting chair of the Northeast chapter of the Imaging Technology Council. “This has been an incredible group effort, but we have a long way to go to build the type of association that represents everyone in this industry and gets things done.” The northeast chapter, formerly the Northeast Cartridge Remanufacturing Association, has been spearheading the move to a national structure, and was the first association to vote to dissolve its singular structure in favor of joining Int’l ITC as a chapter.

    The leaders of each of the current remanufacturing associations have been actively involved in the formation of Int’l ITC and many have voted to cease operations and dissolve their organizations’ current status and become chapters of Int’l ITC. The regional planning committee has set the calendar of meetings for the year 2002, which will offer members exceptional education and networking opportunities.

    “Int’l ITC intends to offer the members of each chapter a range of options to help with information sharing, product improvement and business management,” said Int’l ITC regional planning chairman Doug Walley, who also serves as chairman of the new Washington D.C. chapter. “Our strength as an industry will come from unifying our regional and local associations all across the country and beyond. For a long time coming, we will truly have a unified position on issues that affect our daily business lives and that of the industry”.

    The Association trade show, the Imaging Technology Conference, is scheduled for May 16-17th of 2002 and will be held at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Expo East has been renamed the Imaging Technology Conference. The show will introduce new Int’l ITC-sponsored certification programs along with marketing, business and technology education targeted to the imaging supplies sales and service provider.

    Int’l ITC meetings will be held semi annually at the Imaging Technology Conference in May and World Expo in Las Vegas in October. “Remanufacturers have found a significant change in the business environment and must diversify. We have discovered the best way for a small or large business to keep abreast with the changing markets is the networking at our shows and meetings, along with reading the associations’ newsletters and industry publications,” said Howard Topal, chairman of the Int’l ITC Show Committee. “The regional and national associations that have come together to spearhead this movement have many things in common and we found out there is definitely strength in numbers. The simplest way to survive in this industry is to participate in Int’l ITC.”

    Rochester Institute of Technology is working with Int’l ITC to develop a certification program for members which includes classroom education and testing for various levels of expertise in remanufacturing. RIT’s National Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery has already developed a three-tier certification program that will be launched at the Imaging Technology Conference (Int’l ITC) sponsored by Int’l ITC in Atlantic City in May. Many new programs and opportunities will be launched at the show as well, including the methods that some remanufacturers can use to access special government funds for business growth that have been earmarked for remanufacturers.

    “Certification of Imaging Products is a new opportunity for practitioners in the imaging industry to advance their knowledge and gain strong, technical training in the science of what they do,” said Dr. Nabil Nasr. “We have embarked on this exciting program to satisfy a need in the industry for effective and focused training. Our collaboration with Int’l ITC will only make this program more effective and relevant. It is when we work with industry input that we are able to most strongly help the industry.”

    Int’l ITC’s initial Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from the existing associations, along with representatives from industry powerhouses like Static Control, Optical Technologies, GRC, Teckn-o-laser, Oasis., Future Graphics, as well as industry supporters from Rochester Institute of Technology and the EPA.

    “Int’l ITC is the path to the future for remanufacturing. Supporting it and benefiting from what it offers go hand-in-hand,” said Lester Cornelius, president of Optical Technologies Corp. and a director of Int’l ITC. “Whether its a lobbying effort or public awareness campaign, the imaging supplies industry will be well-represented as Int’l ITC is structured to make it happen. Int’l ITC is also truly global in nature, and that is necessary to protect the future of the imaging supplies aftermarket as international movement of goods affects our business on many levels. It is my intention to support this excellent organization, both personally and professionally.”

    Tricia Judge named Executive Director
    Tricia Judge accepts appointment as Executive Director

    A successful association requires the commitment of a skilled executive director. A unanimous vote was cast for Tricia Judge, executive editor of Recharger Magazine, to serve in that capacity. Judge has been a fighting force for the industry for many years and has a firm grasp on the issues and challenges facing the remanufacturing world.

    “The imaging supplies remanufacturing industry has risen as a powerful economic force, despite ruthless efforts by its competitors to belittle or frustrate it,” Judge said. “It will have its own powerful presence now.”

    In addition to the five years Judge has spent addressing issues affecting cartridge remanufacturers as executive editor of Recharger Magazine, she also has experience as a trial lawyer licensed in two states and held political and association-related positions for many years. “Tricia is equal parts fighter and diplomat, but she is wholly committed to this industry,” said Bob Daggs, president of GRC. “The quest we started with the Office of Industry Advocacy (OIA) will be realized with the Int’l ITC.”

    The International Imaging Technology Council offers members a host of opportunities to pursue industry initiatives like standardized test methods establishment, education and certification programs, ongoing legal and legislative advocacy programs and public relations campaigns. “If you want to demonstrate the benefits of buying aftermarket products, the Int’l ITC will have the tools,” Adzima said.

    Benefits of membership in the Int’l ITC will also include business discounts for hotels, rental cars, communications, credit card services, equipment leasing and shipping programs. Warranty and other international service provision programs are also being investigated. A group health, life and disability insurance plan is being offered, as are warranty providers.