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 user 2004-03-27 at 10:49:00 am Views: 98
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    Tiara Group to Welcome Chinese Toner Producers at Santa Barbara Toners and Receptors Seminar

    The Tiara Group, LLC, has announced that a California-based toner business executive, Henry Sun, Vice President of SD Pacific, Inc. (Irvine, CA) will host a contingent of about a dozen Chinese toner manufacturers at this year’s Santa Barbara seminar, June 6-9, 2004.

    Says Sun, “These delegates represent China’s emerging toner and photoreceptor industry. They will be keenly interested in learning about the state-of-the-art and the state-of-the-business directly from the international group of scientists, market analysts, and corporate executives who normally attend this conference.”

    Also at this event, Ricoh scientists from Japan will disclose a new color, chemically produced toner (CPT) based upon a polyester resin system. Ricoh is a world leader in toner manufacturing and imaging technology. The company operates toner plants at two sites in the United States–Santa Ana, CA, and Lawrenceville, GA–as well as other facilities in Japan, Europe, and the United Kingdom. The disclosure will be made during the 21st Annual Toners & Photoreceptors seminar at Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort in Santa Barbara.

    These new color toners combine the advantages of a polyester resin with the cutting edge chemistry of toner particle formation by chemical methods. CPTs are gradually replacing toners produced by conventional grinding techniques, but thus far only one or two chemically produced polyester color toners have appeared on the market.

    CPTs are especially desirable for color printing because they can be shaped into extremely small spheres for better image quality and resolution as well as more precise control over particle size uniformity. This advantage is couple with the fact that polyester toners are preferred for color reproduction becuase they have better fusing properties, wide fusing latitude, and demonstrate more complete particle coalescence.

    According to Tiara Group Chairman Art Diamond, “With this announcement Ricoh moves to the forefront of the world’s toner industry and the future of digital color printing.”

    Keynoting the 21st annual seminar is Dr. John R. Laing, Vice President for Supplies Development & Manufacturing Services at Xerox Corporation. A 27-year Xerox veteran, Dr. Laing helped the company maintain its leadership position as the world’s largest producer of toner, photoreceptors, and other consumable supplies. He is expected to comment on the future for xerographic imaging and consider the latest trends and directions for conventional and advanced toner and photoreceptor materials.

    Seminar Chair Dr. Brian E. Springett joined with Tiara Group’s Chairman, Art Diamond, to construct this year’s program. Among the other highlights for the event are: the disclosure of a new type of dry toner that is UV-curable for better permanence and abrasion resistance; a breakthrough in wiper blade coating that promises to measurably extend OPC drum life; new particle drying technology for chemically produced toner (CPT); a tutorial on monocomponent toner by one of Lexmark’s leading toner scientists; an overview of toner and OPC drum manufacturing in China; Docutrend’s annual assessment and forecast for toners and photoreceptors; CAP Ventures’ annual analysis of remanufacturing market trends; and other topics presented by industry leaders from around the world.

    The June 2004 gathering will also feature industry networking opportunities. Says Terry Gorda, Managing Director of The Tiara Group, producer of this seminar, “While relaxing . . . registrants can conduct serious business, learn about the newest technical advances, be briefed on the latest market trends, meet privately with suppliers, producers, and customers, and establish personal relationships with the industry’s major players.”