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 user 2004-03-30 at 1:04:00 pm Views: 91
  • #6804

    Lexmark’s Tiny New Color Laser Printer Is Big News
    Despite being the Smallest color laser printer ever examined by the CRN Test Center, Lexmark International’s tiny new C510 is big news.

    The printer measures only 15 x 19 x 16.5 inches, but weighs 69 pounds. Setup is very easy,toner cartridges come preinstalled,though they do have to be removed, stripped of packing materials and replaced before the printer can be used. Because the toner cartridges come preinstalled, there’s no mystery as to where and how to put them in or take them out. The photodeveloper cartridge is delicate and light-sensitive, so it’s shipped outside the printer in its own packaging and must be installed by the solution provider, but this takes only minutes. After attaching any accessories such as an optional paper drawer and loading paper, the C510 is ready to print.

    The C510 is not a single-pass unit, so color printing requires four passes and therefore takes longer than monochrome text. A 10-page Word document with color headings took 1 minute, 27 seconds to print, with the first page out in 19 seconds. Many color laser printers are faster, but generally not by much. Every other color laser printer tested over the past year,all single-pass units,could print color text a little faster than the C510. But all of those printers were a lot bigger and more expensive.

    Color graphics and photos printed from the C510 look great. A high-resolution photo of a castle printed in just 34 seconds, more than twice as fast as most other color laser printers tested over the past year.

    The days of monochrome laser printers are numbered given the dropping prices and high availability of color lasers. Easily fitting in anyone’s office, the base model C500 can be had for as little as $699.

    Any capable reseller should be able to sell lots of these affordable color printers. In fact, 10 of these printers can be installed in individual offices for less than it would cost to set up one high-end color laser printer for everyone to share.

    > LEXMARK C510
    PRICE: $699 ($999 with networking)
    DISTRIBUTORS: Ingram Micro, Synnex, Tech Data
    COMPANY: Lexmark International