Laser and Ink for sale……….

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Laser and Ink for sale……….

 user 2004-04-13 at 5:39:00 pm Views: 82
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    We have the following virgin Laser and Ink  for sale:

    HPC4092A             2000pcs  
    HPC4096A            1100pcs
    HPC4182X               500PCS
    HP92274A             500pcs
    HPC4127A              365PCS
    HPC4127X              450PCS
    HPC3906A              450PCS      
    HP92295A               420PCS
    HPC7115A               1640PCS
    HP1300                     160PCS
    HPC8061X                 500PCS
    HP4600 MIXED           551PCS
    HP9000                      145PCS
    OPTRA T520         200pcs
    OPTRA T620          656pcs
    4019                        230PCS
    XEROX 6R881         285PCS
    N2125                      150PCS
    TN460/430 (MIXED) 400PCS
    SAMSUNG 6060      454PCS
    SAMSUNG 1650       49PCS
    HP51645A              4000PCS
    HPC6578A             4200 PCS
    HPC6615A             3000PCS
    HP51629A             1000PCS
    LEX1970               300PCS
    XEROX 8R7881     170PCS
    BC02                      170PCS
    BC-20                     160PCS

    And much more………….. Non virgin available

    We have some ink jet  that did not p*ss our inspection Mostly virgin
    all mixed
    HP+LEX+CANON. Please call if interested………