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 user 2004-04-16 at 10:41:00 am Views: 100
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    Xerox Gives Free Printers To Brokers, Associations

    It’s like getting a free phone and buying the minutes. Xerox is giving away free color printers in exchange for three-year service contracts. That’s the catch, but it’s not much of one, which is good news for brokers and associations that would like to upgrade their color printers without making any new capital investments.

    And we’ll probably see more and more of those kinds of offers as time goes on as service contracts appear more lucrative to investors in publicly held companies than one-time product sales.

    Although Xerox’s deal is open to any qualifying small business and organization, the company hopes that brokers and associations will take advantage.

    Says a Xerox spokesperson, “It is a program that they can apply for online. It’s for small business and nonprofits, for companies that can’t afford a large printer but have a large volume of printing.

    Brokers and association delegates can apply for the program and if accepted, get a free color printer.

    “You go under a three-year contract to buy your supplies like ink and maintenance kits,” says the spokesperson, “and you can buy paper but you aren’t required to. At the end of the three years, the printer is yours to keep.”

    There aren’t specifics to qualify, but there is a minimum page count you need to print, and you have to send in a usage report to Xerox monthly, which for a real estate brokerage shouldn’t be a problem.

    “And you have free telephone and email for any questions,” says the spokesperson, “and there is an online community with templates, flyers, business cards, tri-fold brochures, and other things you can print, and I believe there is one real estate flyer.”

    What about warranties? “You have a service contract that covers all three years that is included at no extra charge,” says the spokesperson.

    Brokers and associations and other organizations can apply online at or by calling toll-free 1-888-518-2076 and selecting Option 2. It takes about five minutes to apply, and once approved, new members should receive a free Xerox Phaser® Solid Ink Color Printer in about a week.