Virgin Empties For Sale

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Virgin Empties For Sale

 user 2003-09-09 at 6:05:00 pm Views: 113
  • #4034

    Please quote us your best price on the following empties, all are virgin cartridges and a ready for immediate shipment.

    HPC4092A    3000PCS                        

    CANON E-31       350PCS

    HPC3906A     3500PCS   

    OPTRA T 520  200 PCS      

    HPC4127X      2200PCS            

    OPTRA T620      200PCS

    HPC8061X       900PCS                           

    OPTRA E             1000PCS

    HP92298A       850PCS              

    OPTRA M            200PCS

    HPC4096A       500PCS             

    OPTRA E310     200PCS

    HPC3903A       2000PCS              

    XEROX P8E      2000PCS

    HPC3909A        300PCS                     

    HPC6615A        2000PCS 

    HPC4182X        300PCS                    

    HP51645A        6000PCS

    And much more, non-virgin empties available.



    Tony zulmai