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 user 2005-01-13 at 10:13:00 am Views: 65
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    Samsung Increases Donation to US$3 Million for Tsunami Relief Effort  

    In the wake of the tragic earthquake and tidal wave affecting South Asia, Samsung has increased its initial contribution of US$1 million to US$3 million in financial support. The group has also Formed an emergency rescue Corps consisting of local employees in South Asia and medical personnel from Korea,who Began on-site operations on January 5th.

    The expansion of support came after Samsung Chairman Kun-Hee Lee heard reports from the scene that indicated the extent of the devastation was much greater than first understood. The Chairman then called on the entire group to increase humanitarian aid and expedite relief work in hopes that the lives of those affected could return to normal as quickly as possible.

    Employees at Samsung’s local subsidiaries in the affected region collected money and material goods to support the five countries the most devastated–Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Moreover, 200 Samsung employees from the Thai subsidiaries of Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Engineering, and Samsung Corporation are organizing relief efforts with Korean expatriates in Thailand. This contingent joined forces with the local Korean Association and Korean Tourist Association to perform rescue work in Phuket.

    In addition, more than ten doctors, pharmacists and nurses from the Departments of Orthopedics, Emergency Treatment and Family Treatment Departments at the Samsung Seoul Medical Center left Korea on January 4th to provide medical relief to disaster victims and help prevent the spread of disease.

    The emergency rescue corps has established a temporary base camp at Phuket, and its members, which consist mainly of local Samsung employees, are assist the rebuilding effort, delivering emergency supplies and providing medical support in Phuket and neighboring Pang Nga.

    Samsung Electro-Mechanics Thailand has played a key role in Samsung’s emergency rescue corps in Phuket. The subsidiary has long been active in the Thai community, organizing a marathon to raise money to fight AIDS and supporting youth soccer clubs. In May of 2004, the company received the Thai Prime Minister’s Best Industry Award, the highest corporate honor in the country. The award is only presented to one company, local or foreign, working in Thailand each year.