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    8-ink printing for photo lab quality

    Imagine that you could achieve photo lab-quality printing simply by swapping an ink cartridge in your printer. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Discover a new tradition in photo quality: HP 8-ink printing.

    Unlike traditional print methods that rely solely on black and other colors, 8-ink employs a special pen that produces true shades of gray. The latest evolution of HP PhotoREt (photo resolution enhancement technology), 8-ink printing allows anyone to easily print long-lasting, true-to-life photos, including crisp black-and-white and brilliant color prints.

    Come along as we explore the benefits of 8-ink printing. We’ll explain how it works and show you how to take advantage of this groundbreaking technology with your HP Photosmart 7960 printer … and say goodbye to grainy photos, lackluster colors, and dull black and whites forever.

    Better black-and-whites

    8-ink technology creates the highest quality black-and-white prints. Proprietary black and gray inks produce grain-free, continuous-tone images with true shades of gray, vivid whites, and deep, rich blacks. And because the ink is specially designed to last, you’ll be able to enjoy your photos for years to come.

    The HP PHOTOSMART 7960 Printer comes with the 8-ink printing capability built right in: It uses the HP 57, 58, and 59 ink cartridges, and it also comes with a 56. (You can replace the 59 with the 56 when printing draft-quality everyday documents.) The cartridge that isn’t in use can be tucked away in the accompanying cartridge garage.

    But even if you don’t own an HP Photosmart 7960 printer, you can get high-quality black-and-white images by using the HP 59 GRAY PHOTO INK CTG In whichever HP Photosmart printer you own. If you have an HP Photosmart 145 or 245 printer, replace your 57 cartridge with a 59. If you own an HP Photosmart 7660 or 7760 printer, trade your 58 cartridge for a 59.

    Brilliant color

    8-ink technology is also a plus when it comes to printing in color. Its specialty inks create long-lasting, grain-free images with vibrant colors and continuous tones. And perhaps best of all, 8-ink technology is a snap! All the supplies you need are easy to install, use, and replace.

    How it works

    8-ink printing is the latest evolution in HP PhotoREt, which enhances your photos through the following cutting-edge methods:

    • Ultra-small ink drops (about 32 per dot) for smoother gradations (grain-free images)
    • Precise dot placement
    • Multiple dye-load inks that produce more levels of color intensity per ink color, per dot
    • More than 1.2 million colors (light cyan and light magenta inks enable printers to produce an extensive color range)

    Put it all together

    HP digital cameras, printers, and supplies are designed to work together to achieve the best possible results. First, snap a few great pictures with an HP Photosmart digital camera. Then create stunning black-and-white prints with the 8-ink printing capability on your HP Photosmart 7960 printer, or by using the HP 59 gray photo ink cartridge with another HP Photosmart printer.

    And don’t forget about paper! Printing your photos on specially designed HP papers, such as HP PREMIUM PHOTO PAPER Will ensure that your photos are vibrant and lifelike … and that they’ll last for generations to come.

    Get creative

    At home or at work, 8-ink technology is ideal for a wide variety of printed documents. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Photo prints
    • Personalized cards
    • Posters
    • Promotional materials
    • Brochures
    • Newsletters
    • Professional documents
    ____________________________________________________________ ____

    HP’s 6-ink technology seems like magic

    Dull… grainy… uninspired. Sometimes it seems like your photos are missing that extra sparkle, right? Well, not anymore. HP 6-ink color printing ensures that all your pictures are sharp, vibrant, and true-to-life.

    And the best part? You may be able to take advantage of this innovative technology without upgrading your printer. Many HP Photosmart photo printers come with 6-ink printing built right in. And, with some HP Deskjet printers and HP PSC all-in-ones, you can simply swap your HP 56 black cartridge for an HP 58 photo cartridge.

    We’ll examine the benefits of 6-ink printing, discuss how it works, and show you how you can use it to add excitement to dreary photos.

    Why 6-ink?

    When you choose HP’s 6-ink solution, you’re entering a new world of photo quality printing that provides a broader range of colors (including true-to-life skin tones and vibrant shades), smoother color transitions, and sharper image clarity. So you can sit back and enjoy the compliments that will stream in after friends and family catch a glimpse of your 6-ink pictures. What will they see?

    • Virtually grain-free images
    • Brighter, more vibrant colors and deep, rich blacks for brilliant quality
    • Fade-resistant inks for photos that last
    • Accurate color reproduction

    How does it work?

    Although HP’s 6-ink technology seems like magic, it’s actually an evolution in HP PhotoREt (photo resolution enhancement technology). Read more about  BETTER PHOTO PRINTING WITH HP PHOTO Engineered by HP, PhotoREt offers an abundance of innovative features to make your photos sparkle. Here’s how:

    • Ultra-small ink drops (about 32 per dot) allow smoother gradations, creating grain-free images.
    • Precise dot placement ensures true-to-life photo accuracy.
    • Multiple dye-load inks produce more levels of color intensity per ink color, per dot.
    • The 6-ink printing produces more than 1.2 million colors, as light cyan and light magenta inks enable printers to produce an extensive color range.

    Compatibility testWhether you own or are planning to buy a select HP Deskjet printer or an HP Photosmart photo printer, you may be able to take advantage of 6-ink color printing for better print quality. And it’s easy: you just swap a cartridge.