Technology breakthrough !!! Must view!!!

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Technology breakthrough !!! Must view!!!

 user 2003-09-10 at 12:33:00 pm Views: 154
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    “Do you know that our company has started a new era in the industry?”

    “We’ve done it! The real 3 in 1 compatible inkjet is here.”

    “A new definition in the industry is created.”

    “We’ve invented a trinity in our cartridge, can you beat us?”

    “Cutting headache is the new goal in our products.”

    “Three uses in one compatible, we call it unbeatable.”

    “Three in one and one is all you are going to pay.”

    “Three in one and the other two is free.”

    “The blend new 3 in 1 inkjet will give you less headache.”

    “Saving shelf space means more room for profit.”

    “Housing three injects in one compatible cartridge is really a smart move.”

    “Your retailers will be in heaven seven when you break the news to them.”



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