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    Popular Epson Online Experience Digital Printing Course,Now Available via Authorized Photo Dealers

    LONG BEACH, Calif.–Unique On-Demand Program Enables Photo Enthusiasts and Advanced Amateurs to Learn Digital Printing Secrets of the Pros at Home at Their Own Pace

    In Response to the ongoing demand for high-quality education in digital photography, Epson America Inc. has begun offering its Online Experience digital photography and printing program via authorized photo dealers, making it even easier for photo enthusiasts and advanced amateurs to participate in the valuable on-demand program. This unique program offers participants expert techniques, valuable tips and insider secrets the pros use to create spectacular digital prints.

    “The Epson Online Experience offers an exciting insider’s perspective on how some of the industry’s leading professional photographers capture and print their award-winning images,” said Dan Steinhardt, marketing manager, Epson. “Those who have participated in the Epson Online Experience found it to be both educational and inspirational. Amateurs and photo enthusiasts alike have gained valuable insight on how to make their own spectacular prints, and even professionals have found the program has helped hone their digital printing skills.”

    Featuring a unique, self-paced video-streaming program hosted by award-winning photographer and musician Graham Nash, the Epson Online Experience provides participants with access to over 60 video segments and tutorials on digital photography techniques from capture to print including such topics as color management, choosing the right papers and inks, understanding printer drivers, and using the latest Adobe Photoshop CS techniques. These tutorials are designed to show photographers how to get maximum quality prints from a broad range of digital cameras and scanners. In addition, subscribers get a true behind-the-scenes perspective on how each photographer works both in studio and on location.

    “Epson’s Online Experience allowed me to participate in an extensive workshop with half a dozen very famous and busy photographers and digital experts from the comfort of my own home for only $29.95,” said recent Epson Online Experience subscriber Eric Ahrendt. “The program covers many fascinating and useful topics that are very important for any photographer. I gained insight from some of the top pros in the industry and the whole experience has dramatically improved both my photography and print-making skills.”

    Behind the Scenes with Master Photographers

    The Epson Online Experience features five master photographers with very different styles who take viewers on a personal journey into their worlds, enabling advanced amateur photographers and photo enthusiasts to discover how they think, pick up valuable pointers, learn expert techniques, and gain valuable insight into their unique visions and work. Viewers learn how to capture, scan, manage, and print amazing digital photos. The photographers include:

    – Greg Gorman — one of Hollywood’s best known celebrity photographers takes participants through each step of the creative process — from planning the day’s shoot, to lighting, capturing and making exhibition quality prints.

    – John Shaw — one of the most renowned nature photographers working today takes participants through the wilds of Moab, Utah, on assignment where they will get a chance to see and hear how he chooses his scenes, and then takes them back in the digital darkroom where he shows how he creates his well known signature prints.

    – Jay Maisel — the true master of light, gesture and color takes subscribers though his amazing New York City studio and above the Big Apple in a restored 1954 Korean War helicopter as he photographs the Manhattan skyline and circles the Statue of Liberty.

    – Douglas Dubler — leading fashion and beauty photographer takes participants behind the scenes of an actual New York City fashion shoot where they will get a chance to tour one of the most popular fashion studios in the world.

    – Vincent Versace — renowned fine-art photographer and Photoshop expert shows participants how he sets up and chooses his compositions, deals with unpredictable natural light and how he blends technology with tradition to create his unique highly valued prints.

    There are additional segments from digital experts such as Julianne Kost, Adobe’s Photoshop evangelist, and Mac Holbert, Nash Editions’ fine art printing expert, who will provide invaluable step-by-step Photoshop techniques, color management tutorials and exciting insider printing tips.

    Pricing and Availability

    The Epson Online Experience is available through leading authorized photo specialty dealers including: B&H Photo & Video; Calumet Photographic; Inkjet Art Solutions; Pro Photo Supply; Samy’s Camera; Showcase Photo & Video and WB Hunt Photo and at http://www.EpsonOnlineExperience.com. The subscription fee is $29.95.