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 user 2005-01-25 at 10:48:00 am Views: 121
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    Cops Seize Fake HP, Canon Cartridges

    Mumbai, January 2005

    In a joint operation recently, the Mumbai Police and EIPR (Enforcers of Intellectual Property Rights) conducted two raids and seized fake HP and Canon printer cartridges worth lakhs of rupees.

    The two raids were conducted in Fort (Churchgate) and MIDC area (Andheri) of the city. The total value of seized goods in MIDC is worth Rs 3,50,000 whereas the fake products seized in Fort is Rs 5,05,000

    Zaheer Khan, chairman and managing director of EIPR, said, “The biggest concern for us and the authorities is the sheer quantity of the seized goods and their similarity to the original products. The counterfeiters had imitated each and every component that goes into the packing of HP and Canon printer cartridges.’

    Police have seized tens of thousands of cartridge packs, toner stickers, security tapes, MPR stickers, silver foil and plastic tags, including hologram stickers from the MIDC area. In the Fort raid, the contraband included 270 HP cartridges, nine laser toners, nine refilled toners, MRP price stickers, outer toner boxes, etc. In addition to that, the police have confiscated 33 fake Canon cartridges worth Rs 39,000.

    The accused used to pack thousands of counterfeit HP and Canon printer cartridges and sold to unsuspecting customers as original.

    Both the accused, Praveen Govind Patil and Shiva Gokar Patel, have been booked under section 51/63 of the Copyright Act 1957.