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 user 2005-01-27 at 10:33:00 am Views: 55
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    Microsoft to Launch Anti-Piracy Initiative

    SEATTLE(Jan 05)-Microsoft Corp.will Combat piracy of
    its flagship operating system by requiring Windows users to verify that their
    copy of the software is genuine in order to receive timely updates and security
    fixes, the world’s largest software maker said on Wednesday.

    Under A new verification program, users will have to prove
    their copy was obtained legitimately to receive “greater reliability, faster
    access to updates, and richer user experiences” from Windows XP, the latest
    version of the operating system running on over 90 percent of the world’s
    personal computers.

    Users of pirated copies of Windows will still be able get
    some updates, such as security patches, but will not be able to get other
    add-ons for Windows, the Redmond, Washington-based company said in a

    The new initiative, called Windows Genuine Advantage, will
    start in mid-2005.

    Microsoft said it will expand in February a trial
    authentication program it began last fall for English-language users to include
    20 more languages. In order to attract more users to the trial, Microsoft is
    also offering downloads of add-on software and discounts on games and online

    Authentication will become mandatory in mid-2005 for all
    users seeking to access software updates, downloads and security fixes for
    Windows, Microsoft said.

    Microsoft is also targeting software piracy in China,
    Norway and the Czech Republic, where the use of pirated software is more
    widespread, by offering discounts to users of pirated copies of Windows.

    “These customers will be offered a genuine version of
    Windows at a reduced price,” Microsoft said.

    Microsoft said it was trying to boost the value of Windows,
    which still fuels a large part of the software giant’s revenue. Microsoft said
    software piracy has cost the company billions of dollars in lost income.