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 user 2005-01-31 at 9:38:00 am Views: 68
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    “RE-MAN CTGS,only cost you half”

     oday we will bring you a report about cartridges that supply inks for the printers. While a new cartridge costs us way over 100,000 won, we can buy a recycled one only at half the price. But still most of the used cartridges are being Dumped away by the users. Reported by Cho,Hyo Jung

    Since the use of recycled printer cartridges, this office has been able to save money about 800,000 won every year. The recycled cartridges, the wasted cartridges that have been refilled with print inks, are sold at half the price of the new ones.

    Ms. Hong, Un Jung(An office worker): Compared to that of the new ones, it’s price is half the price of new ones, but the printing work is being done so clearly that I find it no difference in quality wise from that of new ones when I physically used it.

     However, the recycling rate of such cartridges remain only 25% of the total consumption of 1.8 million each annually, and the rest of them are mostly disposed of by burying them at the dump site together with normal trashes or by putting them into a trash burner. In this case, of course, there are great risks of producing hazardous chemicals such as carbon blacks etc. which cause for an cancer or respiratory diseases. Besides, owing to the low collecting rate of used cartridges, the recycling factories are experiencing the repeated vicious circles of shortages. Nevertheless, most of the new cartridge manufacturers are holding negative attitudes in recycling by allegedly claiming that in such way the quality of the products might be degraded.

    ¬°Choi, In Nyung, Director(Working at the cartridge manufacturing company): We are under implementation of the recycling programme for the used cartridges collected, as the quality of those cannot be guaranteed when they have been used more than one(1) time and consumed the ink contained in it.

     Civic groups reacted against the such attitudes of the large companies by condemning that they are tyrannical seeking only their benefits.

    Ms. Son, Mi Kyung(Seoul Green Activists Movement Association): As the consumers are in possession of their price competitiveness, it is my opinion that they should given the opportunity of selecting the products they want.

    The domestic market size of the printer cartridge on an annual basis is 800 billion won,and when only one(1)% of them could be recycled, approximately 8 billion won can be saved. However, due to lack of understanding, as many as 13 million each used cartridges are wasted and thrown away every Year.