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 user 2005-02-06 at 10:47:00 am Views: 66
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    Vietnam Site Planned for New Canon Plant


    Canon recently announced it will begin construction of its largest laser
    printer plant in Vietnam this April. In doing so, the company is expected to
    invest 5 billion yen (about US$50 million) in construction in the country”s
    Northern Bac Ninh province, where the plant will manufacture and export low-cost
    laser printers worldwide.

    Vietnam was selected, according to Canon”s planning department chief Ogiwara
    Tadayuki, because the company”s nearby Chinese factories are at maximum
    production capacity and the demand for inexpensive laser printers remains

    “We have also picked Vietnam because of its political stability, a
    liberalized investment environment and cheap labor. The country has quite a good
    future,” Tadayuki said.

    The facility, slated to begin operation in 2007 and expected to employ more
    than 3,000 people, complements the company”s existing inkjet plant also located
    in Vietnam. The inkjet facility, which opened in July 2004, produces 500,000
    single-function printers per month and was the first in a three-year, $100
    million plan to expand the company”s inkjet presence. A second inkjet facility
    specializing in multifunction printers is slated to begin operations in June and
    produce 700,000 units per month.

    Upon completion, the facility will have a manufacturing capacity of 8 million
    units per year, all of which will be exported, meeting an anticipated 35 percent
    of the world”s demand for laser printers. Currently, Canon supplies
    approximately 50 percent of the world”s laser printers, mainly through exports
    to Japan, United States and Europe. Canon Vietnam also plans to seek permission
    to adjust its investment to license to include sales and distribution of its
    products within Vietnam. Until then, it plans to follow the same plan as it did
    with the opening of the Chinese facilities – all products had to be exported and
    then re-imported until the Chinese government widened its policies.