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 user 2005-02-08 at 10:14:00 am Views: 123
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     Is this the world’s largest inkjet?
    Two Swiss researchers have developed what could be the world’s largest
    portable inkjet printer, though it’s unlikely that engineers at Hewlett-Packard
    will be losing sleep over the invention.

    Instead of using conventional ink cartridges, the mammoth
    printer–Hektor–feeds off canisters of spray paint and can be mounted on walls.
    It scans smaller images and renders them into large pieces of artwork, BBC News

    The spray paint is held by a custom-made harness and is moved by two
    independently controllable pulleys powered by a pair of motors, the report said.

    “All the parts for Hektor fit into two suitcases, making the whole device
    portable and adaptable to almost any surface the motors can be attached to,”
    said the report.

    Jurg Lehni, one of Hektor’s creators, said he came up with the device to let
    artists to turn computer-drawn images into more tangible artifacts. In addition,
    the report said he wanted to combine the precision of computer imaging with the
    “woollier” outlines of spray paintwork.

    In the development process, Lehni said a major challenge was writing the
    path-finding algorithm so the printer can map the optimum route for tracing and
    spray painting an image.

    The challenge has since been solved and Hektor is now a fully-functional
    printer which has already been used to create artwork for an exhibition at the
    Zurich Kunsthaus gallery. It has also won accolades at the 2004 Machinista media
    art festival which was held in Russia in April,the report added.