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 user 2005-02-09 at 9:56:00 am Views: 99
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     Two printer families multiply
    at home

    Two-printer homes are
    becoming more common as people take advantage of the falling cost of mono laser
    printers, according to market leader HP.

    Laura Seymour, personal-laser category manager for HP UK, said
    more people are using inkjets for colour and mono lasers for workaday tasks such
    as web printouts and homework because of the low cost per page.

    HP’s entry-level Laserjet 1010 costs just
    ?99 inc VAT, not much more than an inkjet. This helps explain why mono-printer
    sales are rising despite the growing popularity of colour. Mono laser sales have
    jumped 17 per cent this year for HP models.

    The company last month launched its biggest clutch yet of new
    mono models to mark the 20th birthday of the Laserjet. The most notable is the
    Laserjet 1320, which is the first low-end model to offer two-side (duplex)
    printing as standard.

    One of the puzzles
    of printer evolution is that, although it has coincided with an increasing
    concern for the environment in general, and trees and pollution from
    paper-making in particular, paper-saving duplex printing has been largely
    confined to departmental machines.

    Seymour pointed out: ‘Duplex also saves a lot of weight if you have to print out
    a lot of pages and carry them around.’

    basic 1320 costs ?249. Other new models include the ?219 Laserjet 1160, which
    has ‘instant on’ technology, the ?449 Laserjet 2400 33-page-a-minute series
    designed for work teams, and the network-enabled ultrafast Laserjet 4250 and
    4350 printing respectively 43 and 52 pages per minute, with prices starting at