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    Toshiba America
    Business Solutions Inc. Copiers Rated ‘Most Reliable’
    by National Dealer Service
    Managers; Toshiba Tied for First in 2004 Copier Reliability Survey

    Calif-Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc.  tied for first
    overall in a nationwide reliability survey of dealer service managers and was
    rated first or second best in more than half of the categories surveyed (14 out
    of 26).The Industry Analysts Inc. surveyed 214 dealer service managers in
    copier dealerships and asked them to rate the devices they service for the 2004
    Office Products Analyst (OPA) Copier Reliability Survey.

    “Offering the most reliable
    copiers in the industry is a goal Toshiba has always strived for, and this
    direct feedback from the professionals who really know – our dealer service
    managers – shows that we are achieving that goal,” said Mark Mathews, vice
    president, Marketing, TABS. “This is a significant award for Toshiba, but the
    real winners are our customers who know the copier they purchase from us will be
    up and running when they need it.”

    In-depth telephone interviews were conducted with the
    service managers, and the survey encompassed 63,048 units with service records
    provided to ensure accuracy.

    addition to earning the highest overall average score among all manufacturers,
    TABS ranked first or second in each of the following categories:

    Product Reliability When First Introduced

    Effectiveness of Service Hotline or 800 #

    Effectiveness of Software Support

    Availability of Controller Software Upgrades

    Effectiveness of Controller Software Upgrades

    Effectiveness of Engineering Support

    Effectiveness of General Service Communications

    Availability of Basic Service Training Program

    Effectiveness of Advanced Product Training Program

    Availability of Remote Diagnostics

    – Order

    Product Availability

    Availability of Supplies

    Industry Analysts Inc.

    Analysts Inc., founded in 1974, specializes in research and training program
    development for the office automation industry. With headquarters in Rochester,
    N.Y., IA Inc. also has a product testing facility in Fairfield, N.J., where they
    evaluate office equipment. Test reports are free on their Web site,

    Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc.

    America Business Solutions Inc. (TABS) manages product planning, marketing,
    sales, service support and distribution of copiers, facsimiles, multifunction
    printing products, network controllers and toner products throughout the United
    States, Latin America and the Caribbean. With headquarters in Irvine, TABS
    comprises three divisions: the Electronic Imaging Division, Toner Products
    Division and Document Solutions Engineering Division; and a subsidiary
    corporation: Toshiba Business Solutions (TBS), which operates a network of
    acquired office equipment dealers.

    Named the
    most favored manufacturer in seven of the past eight years by the Business
    Technology Association (BTA), Toshiba’s entire product line, customer support
    and marketing distribution policies are markers for the industry. Among the many
    other awards garnered in recent years, Toshiba has been named the “Copier
    Manufacturer of the Year” by the Marketing Research Consultants (MRC) in 2004,
    2002, 2001, 1998 and 1997, was named to the CIO 100 for being one of the top 100
    “agile” companies in the world in 2004, and received the CIO Web Business award
    for its leading edge intranet site in 2000, 1999 and 1998.

    TABS is
    an independent operating company of Toshiba Corp., the seventh largest
    electronics/electrical equipment company and the world’s 62nd largest company in
    terms of sales. Ranked by Fortune magazine as the 8th Most Admired Electronics
    Company in America and 9th Most Admired Electronics Company in the World,
    Toshiba Corp. is a world leader in high-technology products with more than 300
    major subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. Fiscal year revenue in 2003 was
    approximately $53 billion