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 user 2005-02-10 at 10:01:00 am Views: 77
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     Canon Picks Vietnam for
    World’s Largest Laser Printer Plant

    HANOI,Jan05-Canon announced yesterday that it
    will start construction of its largest laser printer plant in the world in April
    in the northern province of Bac Ninh.

    Japanese company will invest 5 billion yen (about US$50 million) to build the
    plant in the Que Vo Industrial Zone, where it will produce low-cost laser
    printers for export worldwide.

    Vietnam’s planning department chief, Ogiwara Tadayuki, said the company has
    decided to build a new plant in Vietnam because its Chinese factories are
    operating at full capacity and the worldwide demand for low-priced laser
    printers is high.

    “We have also picked
    Vietnam because of its political stability, a liberalised investment environment
    and cheap labour. The country has quite a good future,” Tadayuki said.

    Tadayuki said the new Que Vo-Canon laser
    printer factory, once built, will have a capacity of 8 million units a year. It
    will export 100 per cent of its products, meeting up to 35 per cent of the
    world’s demand for laser printers.

    supplies half of the world’s laser printers, with its low-priced black-and-white
    laser printers mainly exported to Japan, the United States, the Europe and other

    In 2007, when the factory goes
    into operation, it will employ at least 3,000 people, Tadayuki said.

    Canon currently operates an inkjet printer
    plant in Hanoi ‘s Thang Long Industrial Zone.

    That $176.7 million plant, which will employ 7,000 people next
    year, mainly exports its finished products. Canon exported its first printers
    from Vietnam in May, 2002.

    Tadayuki said
    the establishment of the new plant could attract a number of Japanese and local
    suppliers to invest in Bac Ninh Province.

    Japan was third largest foreign investor into Vietnam last
    year, investing $224.35 million in projects around the country.

    The Ministry of Planning and Investment on
    Thursday forecast foreign direct investment flows into the country could reach
    $1.3-$1.4 billion in the first quarter and over $4.2 billion for the whole