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 user 2005-02-13 at 11:02:00 am Views: 76
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    Cartridge World Offers Cost-Effective Option for
    Printing Digital Photos

    EMERYVILLE,Calif.,Feb. 05–Cartridge World
    North America today announced plans to promote the printing of digital photos
    and educate consumers about the ease and affordability of maintaining photo

    Cartridge World is the largest cartridge refilling service,
    allowing customers to refill their printer cartridges with as much ease as they
    refill the gas tanks of their cars. This process typically costs consumers 50
    percent less than brand new cartridges.

    With an estimated 54 million digital cameras in the hands
    of consumers, film cameras have taken a backseat to its digital counterpart for
    the first time in history, creating an increased demand for affordable printer
    consumables such as ink and paper.

    Additionally, recent surveys suggest that only 13 percent
    of digital images end up on paper, compared to 98 percent of film images.
    Leading the trend, Cartridge World is proactively addressing the misconception
    of costly home printing of digital photos.

    “We want people to have the ability to print as many photos
    as they want without being worried about cost,” said Burt Yarkin, CEO of
    Cartridge World North America. “With an affordable service like Cartridge World,
    customers can print their digital photos at home for the same price as having a
    roll of film developed at the store.”

    Customers can bring their empty ink and toner cartridges
    from HP, Canon, or other printer manufacturers into Cartridge World locations
    and have them refilled while they wait. The process takes about 10 minutes and
    can be done for half the cost of buying a new branded cartridge.

    A brick-and-mortar concept, Cartridge World locations are
    quickly becoming commonplace throughout the United States. More than 125
    Cartridge World locations are open across the nation with another 150 under

    Cartridge World was founded in South Australia in 1991 and
    is currently the World’s largest cartridge refilling franchise. In addition to
    providing refill services, Cartridge World’s more than 750 locations worldwide
    deal in compatible and original manufacturer cartridges for inkjet printers,
    laser printers, fax machines and photocopiers as well as additional Supplies for
    fax machines and copiers