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 user 2005-02-13 at 11:04:00 am Views: 73
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    Counterfeit Imaging Supplies have been in the
    marketplace for many years. About 10 or 20 years ago it was easy to distinguish
    between genuine and counterfeit products. Counterfeit products were cheap
    reproductions of the original with poor packaging and even worse product
    quality. Today it is difficult or impossible for the consumer to recognize the
    difference in packaging, and it isn’t until they use the product and it doesn’t
    perform as they expect do they realize something is wrong.

    Today’s supplies counterfeiters are well funded. The
    capital investment in reverse engineering and manufacturing sophisticated
    imaging supplies is an expensive venture.

    The high growth of the industry coupled with the ease
    of sales via the Internet and the low risk has attracted a whole new group of

    The Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC), made up of
    original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the imaging supplies industry,
    estimates the revenue impact to the manufacturers at retail level is in excess
    of $2 billion worldwide annually.

    You, the resellers, as well as the OEMs are the
    victims of these crimes because you must compete with them in the marketplace.
    The products are of inferior quality and yield and often you, the dealers, are
    left to clean up the mess and solve your customer’s quality problems. Even if
    you unknowingly purchase and sell counterfeit products, you and your company
    could be subject to both civil and criminal actions by the brand owners or law
    enforcement. We’ve had good results in combating these problems in the United
    States where the number of counterfeits has declined over the past two

    The Coalition and the OEMs educate customs and law
    enforcement in various countries on how to spot counterfeit product. Last year
    we hosted officials from seven Latin American countries at our annual
    conference. We are beginning to see significant results of the investments OEMs
    have made in product training and investigations. Last year 158,000 counterfeit
    imaging supplies products valued at $10 million, representing nine brands, were
    seized in three Latin American countries. The quick results came from raids
    conducted by the governments of Paraguay, Peru, and Colombia in cooperation with
    the OEMs and their investigators.

    Perhaps our most successful program is the “When in
    Doubt, Check it Out” program. This program, unique to the imaging supplies
    industry, allows resellers to send product to the ISC for authentication. If the
    product tests as genuine, you are informed, and that is the end of the process.
    If, however, it tests as counterfeit, you must agree in advance to disclose your
    source of the product. You and your company remain anonymous in the process.
    Since it’s inception this program has removed millions of illegal products from
    commerce. It has also led OEMs to the source of the products and has resulted in
    criminal and civil prosecution in the United States, Europe, Latin America,
    Canada,and Asia.