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 user 2005-02-15 at 9:47:00 am Views: 88
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    New Printhead Design Targets Industrial Inkjets

    PicoJet Targets Industrial Inkjet Applications With Cost-Effective,
    Reliable and Versatile New Piezo Printhead Design.

    HILLSBORO,OR,Feb.05-PicoJeT, Inc.,a printhead design and manufacturing
    company founded by Hue Le, the former Director of Technology Development for
    Tektronix Printing and Imaging Division, today announced that it is ready to
    move into pilot production of a unique new piezo inkjet printhead design aimed
    at companies designing industrial inkjet systems.

    PicoJet is now looking
    for partners with whom it can scale up this technology to address diverse
    industrial printing and fluid-jetting applications including biotech,
    electronics, radio frequency id (RFID) tags and others.

    “Our new design avoids almost all of the problems that reduce printhead
    performance, making it a breakthrough for industrial printing and fluid-jetting
    systems,” says Ray Veillet, vice president of business development at PicoJet,
    Inc. “Our technology lends itself to automated manufacturing which can result in
    a very low priceper nozzle.”

    Ultrasonic Bonding Technology
    PicoJet’s new PJ-N256 printhead
    design uses a patented, ultrasonic bonding technology which creates a
    metal-to-metal bond allowing the printhead to be heated and to jet a wide range
    of very aggressive ink chemistries including UV-curable, oil, water, solvent,
    hot melt (wax) and other difficult to jet fluids. For example, in biotech
    applications it can act as a micro pump dispensing fluids in picoliter doses. In
    electronics applications it can be used to jet conductive fluids.

    This innovative new printhead technology delivers a number of advantages.
    Because neither epoxy nor ceramic are used in the ink channel, the printhead is
    not susceptible to nozzle clogging and can jet virtually any fluid with a high
    level of reliability. The design is suitable for automated assembly for
    extremely cost-effective manufacture and low unit pricing.

    PicoJet, Inc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art piezoelectric
    drop-on-demand printheads. The company was founded in 1997 by Hue Le, the former
    Director of Technology Development for Tektronix Printing and Imaging Division,
    to develop a printhead that could address the specific needs of a wide range of
    industrial printing applications in biotechnology, drug related research,
    electronics/conductive fluids, RFID tags and others. The company is now ready to
    partner with developers of industrial printing and jetting systems and to move
    into pilot production