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 user 2005-02-22 at 10:55:00 am Views: 81
  • #10450

    Ricoh Printing Systems America Partners with MPI Tech
    for an IPDS Printing Solution

    Ricoh Printing Systems America, Inc. announced the addition of
    IPDS solutions for the DDP 70e and DDP 92. The LinkCom III from MPI Tech
    converts IBM SCS/DCA and IPDS data streams to PCL or PostScript for printing at
    70 ppm and 92 ppm with DDP printers. All DDP printer features such as duplex,
    offsetting, paper handling, and complex finishing are supported transparently
    through the LinkCom III.

    approximately 29% of
    all printer installations are IPDS capable printers. RPSA customers have
    requested an IPDS capable solution for the DDP printer line. As a result, RPSA
    has selected the MPI LinkCom III product for an IPDS solution and has ensured
    that the LinkCom III configuration process and successful installation in the
    IBM environment are well documented. Accepting data from the Ethernet network,
    the LinkCom III hardware connects to the DDP printer via a parallel

    Installation of the LinkCom III product is possible for 3
    different printing configurations, including IPDS only, PCL and or PostScript
    only, and IPDS and PCL/PostScript.

    Once installed, the LAN administration is made easy with a
    standard Web browser interface for accessing status information from the HTML
    pages of the LinkCom III and the DDP printer’s Web server.

    The LinkCom III HS 85 and the LinkCom III HS100 are the IPDS
    Enablement Kits for the DDP 70e and DDP 92 respectively, both products are
    available immediately. Availability of an IPDS Enablement Kit for other RPSA
    products will be announced shortly. Installation of the LinkCom III by a RPSA
    Professional Service Engineer or other qualified reseller is recommended.To
    extend the IPDS Enablement Kit standard warranty of 3 years an extended 5-year
    warranty or a yearly extension warranty may be purchased from RPSA