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 user 2005-02-22 at 11:01:00 am Views: 79
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    Worldwide Ink Jet Revenues (Hardware +Media + Ink)
    Narrow Format and Wide Format Graphics
    to Reach $56 Billion by

    worldwide revenues from
    wide format ink jet and narrow format ink jet hardware, media and chemistry in
    2004 were $38.3 billion and will increase to $56 billion by 2008 a CAGR of 8%.
    Of this, the largest segment is and will continue to be ink, with revenues
    rising from $17.9 billion in 2004 to almost $31.7 billion in 2008, more than 50%
    of total revenues. (Note; in the case of narrow format ink jet ink, revenues
    include ink and cartridges.)

    Ink Jet Printers are found in many different environments
    from homes to companies printing billboards.segments the ink
    jet market into two broad categories by size: narrow format ink jet printers
    (less than 24″) and wide format graphics ink jet printers (24″ and wider).
    Narrow format ink jet printers are primarily found in the home; wide format ink
    jet printers are generally found in print for pay shops providing printing and
    imaging services to customers. Revenue figures are provided in aggregate but it
    is important to realize that each section may be made up of very different types
    of products. This is especially true in the wide format graphic market, which is
    made up of aqueous, solvent and flatbed printers that use different types of
    media and ink. Not included are revenues from CAD and from industrial ink jet
    applications such as ink jet heads used in packaging and mailing configurations.

     ”Over the forecast period, the largest share of the revenue goes to the narrow
    format ink jet market with total revenues for hardware, media and ink of more
    than $32 billion in 2004 growing to almost $47 billion by 2007, a CAGR of 8%. By
    contrast, the wide format market revenues for hardware, media and ink will grow
    from $6.0 billion in 2004 to more than $9 billion by 2008, a CAGR of 9%. With an
    estimated installed base in 2008 of 230 million narrow format ink jet printers
    that works out to consumables revenues of about $150 per printer. This compares
    to the wide format market with an estimated installed base of about 366,132
    printers in 2008 yielding approximately $22,000 per printer in