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    Stable,Safe High-Functional Inks with Incredible Color

    Because the inks used in Canon’s inkjet printers are
    instantaneously heated to temperatures of more than 300°C, their stability must
    be retained at high temperatures. Measures also need to be taken to ensure that
    ink nozzles are not clogged, so that truly spherical ink droplets are accurately
    affixed onto the paper. We worked from our technologies in fields such as
    organic, inorganic and high polymer chemistry to develop high-functional inks
    that satisfy stringent safety standards.

    Our innovative black pigment ink
    employs the low penetration and strong surface-fixing properties of pigment inks
    to provide sharp color expressions even on comparatively permeable plain paper.
    We developed this ink to maintain ink penetration at the ideal level.
    High-intensity inks are also a Canon original, featuring superb optical density
    (OD) values and light fastness. Because of their high OD values, image output
    quality is high even on plain paper.

    Differences in Characteristics of Pigment-Based Black Ink
    and Dye-Based Color Ink

    Differences in Characteristics of Pigment-Based Black Ink and Dye-Based Color Ink

    As high-contrast pigment-based
    black ink has lower penetration than dye-based color ink, Black can be printed
    sharply on plain paper.

    Dedicated Inkjet Print Media for
    Outstanding Photo-Quality Output

    Combining these inks with our Photo Paper Pro lets
    users enjoy the ultimate in photo-quality printing.

    Canon’s Photo Paper
    Pro has a four-layered structure, is 245μm thick and has a mirror-finished
    surface with a high-transparency glossiness level of more than 30%. On the outer
    surface is the ink-absorption layer, consisting of ultrafine inorganic
    particles. By instantly absorbing the ink, this layer prevents ink from
    spreading, preserving round ink dots with excellent contrast and sharpness to
    ensure photo-quality output.

    Structure of Photo Paper Pro

    Structure of Photo Paper

    The second layer is an
    intermediate reflective layer that reflects light with excellent efficiency. The
    third “base paper” layer has the same material used in silver-halide
    photographic paper. At the bottom is back coating, which counteracts the
    stresses placed on the paper by the upper layers, to prevent

    Quick-drying and high water-Resistant,Canon’s Photo Paper Pro
    exceeds silver-halide paper in terms of brightness and chromaticity of the