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 user 2005-03-04 at 9:47:00 am Views: 71
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    Survey Finds Epson Dominant in Photoprint Market

    (Weymouth,MA) March,2005…A new research report explores the professional
    photography market in relation to inkjet technology,with a focus on the use of
    wide format printers. This document considers photographers’ printing habits and
    perceptions, and discusses the role that inkjet technology and wide format
    applications play in survey respondents’ businesses. The results of this study
    are now available in the research report entitled Inkjet and Wide Format in
    Professional Photography.

    Survey Conducted December 2004
    In December 2004, a Web-based survey
    among 220 respondents in North America. All of the respondents that participated
    in this survey had digital photo, art, or proof printing equipment. 90% of the
    individuals that responded to this survey indicated that they worked for or
    owned professional photography companies. The majority of the revenue from the
    professional photography market can be attributed to supplies, but there will
    also continue to be a valuable printer hardware market among professional
    photographers. U.S. printer hardware revenues in the professional photography
    market were estimated to be valued at $14 million in 2004.

    “Photography is a key piece of the emerging creative market segment,”
    commented Tim Greene, “We now understand a great deal about the use, sources,
    and expectations of inkjet printers as well as the supplies that are required to
    produce this important application.”

    Key findings of this study include:

    • Respondents to this survey reported an average photographic print volume of
    300 prints per month. The most common applications were professional photos
    (produced by 73.2% of respondents), portraits (72.3%), proofs (63.6%), and fine
    art prints (50.9%). The most commonly produced sizes were 8” x 10” (43.3%) and
    4” x 6” (24.6%).

    • 60% of survey participants plan to purchase new photographic printing
    equipment within the next 2 years.

    • Epson dominates the professional photography market from a printing
    standpoint. In fact, 85.6% of respondents reported that they would most likely
    purchase an Epson printer, while no other inkjet vendor reached even 7% of
    participants. Survey participants placed an especially high premium on print
    characteristics like color gamut and longevity, and these are the areas where
    Epson really shines.