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 user 2005-03-05 at 10:38:00 am Views: 71
  • #10678

    Sharp launches
    its first batch of channel-friendly MFP

    Document Solutions Company of America
    recently released six new
    multi-function peripherals (MFPs) through Tech Data, marking the first time the
    company has worked with the distributor.

    It’s also the first time Sharp has worked with Tech Data, this is also the
    first time Sharp has sold its MFP products through value-added resellers. All
    six of the new products offer features like advanced network printing, Scan2
    two- sided scanning, fax (both walk-up and network), document and network
    security, and consumer-replaceable supplies.

    “We’re introducing products that have consumer-replaceable supplies,” said
    Mike Marusic, vice president of marketing for Sharp Document Solutions Company
    of America, so with the new Sharp MFPs, when customers run out of supplies, they
    don’t need to make a service call and get a service technician to go to their
    location and do the replacement.

    He added, “It makes it a little more appealing in the IT space where there
    usually is not an on-site support person coming in to make sure the toner and
    everything is taken care of.”

    According to Marusic, the Sharp products are true multi-tasking products,
    whereas many competing products are not capable of performing more than one task
    at a time. For instance, with the Sharp MFPs, a document could be printing, and
    someone could walk up to the machine and use it to scan something to e-mail or
    send a fax. Many MFPs have sequential, rather than multi-task, functions, he

    Since MFPs have hard drives in them to store data, and that data gets stored
    in latent memory as well, the Sharp products were designed to give more peace of
    mind in terms of security. Included in the MFPs is Sharp’s Data Security Kit,
    which protects documents on the MFP, as well as the network access to the
    documents. The Data Security Kit comes pre-assembled with each MFP.

    “They’re a little more network-savvy than what’s traditionally found in the
    IT channel,” Marusic said.

    The six MFPs fall under two main product products — the DM-3551 and the
    DM-4551. There are three configurations for each model, which include basic
    print and copy (DM-3551N and DM-4551N), network scanning added (DM -3551S and
    DM-4551S) and network scanning and network faxing added (DM-3551F and DM-4551F).

    “Where we think this particular DM series play well is in many IT managers
    are looking for an alternative to HP, and the opportunity to put someone else in
    that truly understands network MFPs and security would help them feel a little
    more secure about what they put out on their network,” Marusic said.