*NEWS*ReFortunEast Seminars

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*NEWS*ReFortunEast Seminars

 user 2005-03-08 at 7:48:00 am Views: 108
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    Bulgaria now has own RE-Industry association named BIATI!

    (The ReFortunEast Seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria)

    On February 19-20, 2005 in the Conference Halls of Hotel “Princess” in Sofia took place the first of the series of ReFortunEast Seminars. The organizers of the event were ReFortunEast magazine, RechargEast Magazine and Aydany Consulting Ltd. ReFortunEast Seminars have been sponsored by Oasis Imaging Products- USA (Event Sponsor), TNC-Bulgaria (Diamond Sponsor) and Color Imaging (Poster Sponsor).

    The main aims of the ReFortunEast Seminars are:

    ·        To answer the question ”Who is who in the RE-Industry of the CEE Country;

    ·        To organize educational and qualification seminars for the local representatives of the RE-Industry and thus to help them in their activity;

    ·        To discuss the opportunity for the forming of a local association, which will protect the interests of the RE-Industry in the country;

    ·        To give opportunity for the representatives of the local industry to share their problems and, with the help of all, to find useful for everybody decisions;

    ·        To provide opportunity for sponsors and guests to get acquainted with the country.

    In spite of the short time for preparation of the seminar, the presence and the activity of the participants exceeded the expectations of the organizers. The event was free for the participants. Foreign sponsors and guests were provided with translators.

    The RFE Seminars were opened with a greeting from the Marketing Manager Ms. Silvena Dencheva. After the official

    opening the participants were given the opportunity to attend both seminar halls, where the educational seminars took place. Hare are some of the most interesting themes:

    ·        6 Trainings in the remanufacturing of different kinds of cartridges. The Lecturers were Oasis Imaging Products and their Bulgarian partner- ATS.

    ·        Situation and perspectives on the consumables market in Bulgaria. Lecturer: Jurii Jordanov ( TNC, Bulgaria)

    ·        Trends on the copier machines market- Lecturer: Georgi Veselinov (Copy Consult, Bulgaria)

    ·        Prices, quality, suppliers and personnel- Lecturer: Hristo Ivanov (Eurotoner, Bulgaria)

    The Event sponsor “Oasis Imaging Products” has organized the competition”The Fastest RechargEast”. The winners were Nikolaj Videnov from ATS-Bulgaria and Ventsislav Stefanov from Vipimex. The awards were products from Oasis Imaging. The Diamond Sponsor TNC-Bulgaria also organized a lottery. The winners were the companies

    Roj-ni, Migkom, Aifest and Lanix. The awards were products of TNC.

    There was also a discussion on establishing a Bulgarian remanufacturing association. There were many arguments and different opinions were said. It is not surprising, at all, for those who know Bulgaria. Bulgarian people have hot blood and they prefer loud discussions. The most surprising thing was that the RE-Industry of Bulgaria proved that it’s mature, and on February 20th, 2005 22 Bulgarian companies formed their own Association, called

    “Bulgarian Industrial Association of Toner and Ink”, in short BIATI. The web page and coordinates of the new industrial association will be available soon.

    The next “ReFortunEast Seminar” is in Romania on April 16-17, 2005. For more information and registration on these events, please visit our web site http://www.refortuneast.com