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 user 2005-03-10 at 10:56:00 am Views: 142
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    Six Xerox MFP Systems Recognized for Security

    Six High-Speed Xerox Multifunction Systems and Copiers Earn
    Internationally Recognized Standard for Security. Xerox office systems are the
    highest-speed devices in the industry to receive Common Criteria Certification.

    ROCHESTER, NY, March , 2005 – Six of Xerox Corp  high-speed digital copiers
    and advanced multifunction systems have become the fastest office systems in the
    industry to earn the international standard in information security. The systems
    join a list of six Xerox mid-speed office products to make it even easier for
    customers to meet both their document production needs and the strict security
    requirements in the government, military, healthcare, legal and financial

    The Xerox CopyCentre™ C65, C75 and C90 digital copiers and
    WorkCentre™ Pro 65, 75 and 90 advanced multifunction systems
    – operating at
    speeds of 65, 75 and 90 pages per minute – received the National Information
    Assurance Partnership’s Common Criteria Certification following comprehensive
    evaluations and testing. NIAP is a U.S. government initiative created to meet
    the security testing needs of IT consumers and companies.

    Most IT products used within the U.S. Department of Defense, any military
    branch, or buildings such as air bases or the Pentagon must carry Common
    Criteria Certification. This mandate ensures IT systems maintain a proper level
    of confidentiality, integrity and authentication. Commercial customers and other
    federal agencies are also looking to NIAP for third-party verification that
    office equipment is secure.

    “Document security is critical for both the public and private sector,” said
    Tim Williams, president, Xerox Office Group. “This certification demonstrates
    that customers can trust Xerox with their most sensitive documents and
    intellectual property.”

    Specifically, NIAP certified two major components of the systems:

    The Image Overwrite Security Option electronically “shreds” data
    stored on the machine’s hard disk during routine job processing. Electronic
    removal of data can be performed automatically after every job or when a person
    specifically requests it.

    The Removable Disk Drive Accessory allows administrators to physically
    remove hard drives from the systems so they can be locked away for safekeeping,
    virtually eliminating the risk of unauthorized access to classified data. Xerox
    is the only vendor to have achieved Common Criteria Certification for a
    removable disk drive accessory.

    Xerox offers a variety of other security
    options that allow customers to restrict access, track usage and protect
    confidential information that flows through various Xerox CopyCentre digital
    copiers, WorkCentre multifunction devices and WorkCentre Pro advanced
    multifunction systems. Those solutions include:

    An Internal Auditron feature can be activated to require people to
    enter an authorization code for walk-up copying. This enables administrators to
    track usage at an account or department level.

    Network Authentication can restrict workers’ access to scan, e-mail
    and fax features by validating user names and passwords prior to use.

    Xerox Secure Print holds confidential jobs at the device until the
    owner enters a personal number to release them.
    The Xerox CopyCentre C65,
    C75 and C90 are digital office copiers designed for workgroups that require
    professionally finished output quickly and reliably. The systems feature
    automated technology that optimizes image quality.

    The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 65, 75 and 90 are Xerox’s fastest high-performance
    network multifunction systems for the office. These systems are designed to
    perform multiple tasks – print, copy, fax, scan, and e-mail – simultaneously and
    are ideal for bringing efficiency to paper-intensive environments.

    In 2004, NIAP certified the 35 ppm to 55 ppm Xerox WorkCentre M35, M45 and
    M55 copier-printers and the WorkCentre Pro 35, 45 and 55 advanced multifunction