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 user 2005-03-16 at 9:44:00 am Views: 185
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    Brother’s big, fashionable entry

    BROTHER International(M)Sdn Bhd hopes to Expand its presence in the local
    printer market, and it kicked this off in a big way with the introduction of 70
    new information and document system products. 

    Its managing director Tsuji Tomosaburo said that the plan for this year would
    be to gain market strength and create an ever-present “brand presence” with the

    “We intend to make our mark here in this country and try to repeat the same
    success we’ve had internationally,” he added. 

    To tackle the “brand presence” part, the printer maker – known more for the
    functionality rather than the form of its products – intends to fuse form and
    function to make a fashion statement. 

    The idea is to make products that are as beautiful to look at as they are
    easy to use, said Tomosaburo. 

    In conjunction with its new direction, Brother International launched three
    new ranges of compact inkjet and laser multifunction centres (MFCs). 

    All three have relatively compact sizes, and come with network capabilities
    as well as secured print management. 

    The laser MFCs, of which there are two models available – the MFC 8220 and
    MFC 8440/D – target the Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) and small and medium
    business (SMB) sectors. 

    The new models have the all-in-one capability to print, scan, fax and
    photocopy documents, a high-load print/ photocopy capacity and high quality
    print/ scan resolutions. 

    The inkjets are categorised into two groups: The Designer series (MFC 210 and
    MFC 620CN) and the Corporate series (MFC 3240 and MFC 5840CN). 

    The Designer range targets the enduser and SOHO/ SMB markets, and was
    designed to look more stylish without sacrificing performance, Brother
    International said. 

    The Corporate series, with its heavy load print capacity and high-speed/
    quality prints, targets the corporate and enterprise sectors. 

    Both inkjet MFC ranges have a multicard reader that supports all popular
    media cards, which Brother International claimed was an industry first. 

    “This multicard reader, called the PhotoCapture Centre, is a new feature that
    allows users to print their digital camera photos directly (without the need for
    a PC),” said Kevin Theng, Brother International Malaysia (
    product manager. 

    These inkjet MFCs use a printing system that separates the printhead from the
    ink cartridges, which uses capillary tubes to pump the ink into the printhead. 

    This Capillary Tube System (CTS) makes printing quieter and smoother because
    there are fewer moving parts, the company said. 

    The technology was previously only available on plotters and large format

    All three MFC ranges will be Launched this month, with prices ranging from
    RM599 to RM2,899.