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 user 2005-03-17 at 11:02:00 am Views: 602
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    Xerox Adds 10 Knots to Flagship iGen3′s Top Speed

    “Xerox has taken the most advanced digital press in the industry and made
    it better.” Speed increases to 110 8.5×11″ pages-per-minute.

    ROCHESTER, NY, March 2005 – Xerox Corporation  has launched the Xerox
    iGen3® 110 Digital Production Press, which prints faster and offers new features
    that give printing professionals more flexibility and productivity both in their
    operations and with the types of jobs they can produce.

    Built on the award-winning technology of the Xerox iGen3, this new press runs
    10 percent to 20 percent faster, printing standard 8.5” x 11” jobs at 110
    pages-per-minute and smaller sheet sizes at up to 120 ppm.

    Customer Feedback
    “Xerox has taken the most advanced digital press
    in the industry and made it better,” said John Green, president of Automated
    Graphics Systems and former chairman of the Printing Industries of
    America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation. “We’ve had our iGen3 press for more
    than a year and it’s had a dramatic effect on our bottom line.”

    The Xerox iGen3 110 press delivers customers all the benefits of the 100 ppm
    iGen3 press including superior image quality, increased productivity and the
    ability to produce several applications such as full-color books, personalized
    marketing materials and posters. Since its launch in 2002, the iGen3 has printed
    more than 1 billion pages worldwide, and more than 30 customers are printing
    more than 1 million pages a month.

    “The iGen3 110 press is a result of our relentless effort to help our
    customers be more productive and make more money with digital printing
    technology,” said Quincy Allen, president, Xerox Production Systems Group. “The
    iGen3 press revolutionized the printing industry, allowing customers to grow
    their client base, volume and profits, and our commitment is to continue
    improving the technology to broaden their opportunities.”

    Additional Enhancements
    Enhancements to the press include Xerox
    SmartSize software, which allows the iGen3 110 press to maximize the rate of
    page throughput per run, based on paper size. In other words, this intelligent
    software enables the press to fit more pages on the imaging belt to optimize
    print productivity. For example, customers can now produce jobs such as business
    cards (multiples to a page) or two-up 6” x 9” book blocks at 90 ppm (180 book
    pages per minute), instead of 50 ppm.

    The iGen3 110 press can also print on larger and heavier paper stocks. It
    offers enhanced paper handling with an oversize paper option – up to 14.33” x
    22.5” – that accommodates a wider variety of stocks from 80 lb. text to 130 lb.
    cover. This new option allows print professionals to efficiently produce an
    expanded set of applications, including book jackets and larger posters.

    Earlier Presses Upgradeable
    The Xerox iGen3 110 Digital Production
    Press is immediately available in North America, Europe and Latin America. The
    U.S. list base price starts at $580,000. The iGen3 110 will replace the original
    100 ppm iGen3 press on April 1 in the U.S. An upgrade for current iGen3 press
    customers is available for $20,000.