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 user 2005-03-27 at 10:06:00 am Views: 118
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    new MFX-1330 is feature rich and economic to run

    March 2005 -

    MURATEC, the multifunction specialist company, has
    launched the MFX-1330 multifunctional system. For maximum flexibility the
    MFX-1330 can be used as a desktop copier, fax, scanner and printer with network
    printing and scanning options. In line with Muratec’s policy of offering
    customers low total cost of ownership, the MFX-1330 has a 0.75p cost per copy
    because it uses Muratec’s new high yield toner*.

    As part of Muratec’s pioneering low cost TCO strategy
    the economical MFX-1330 has separate drum and toner units to minimise operating
    costs. The 30,000-page drum life (two page cycle) ensures low running costs
    while the toner cartridge produces 16,000 sheets at six percent coverage. The
    MFX-1330 automatically requests consumable replacements and engineer servicing.
    With a total design life of 300,000 pages the MFX1330 is far more robust than
    most multifunctionals designed for SoHo rather than commercial use.

    As a desktop digital copier the MFX-1330 has a range
    of features for high productivity output. Copy speed is 13 pages per minute with
    a first copy out time of just twelve seconds. The MFX-1330 has an ADF (automatic
    document feeder) that can stack up to 80 originals for fast throughput of copy
    jobs. The 8Mbyte (650 pages of text) standard memory can be used to store copy
    jobs and is upgradeable to 40Mbyte (3,370 pages of text).

    Copy resolution is 600 by 600 dpi using LED print
    technology for high quality copy output. Copies can be reduced or enlarged from
    25% to 400% using the MFX-1330’s zoom facility, with eight pre-set zoom ratios
    for standard settings. The MFX-1330D model variant also allows duplex (double
    sided) copying or printing, including two single sided originals to one
    double-sided copy.

    The MFX-1330 has a 500 sheet A4 paper drawer as well
    as a 50 sheet bypass facility. An optional 500 sheet paper drawer can be added
    to give a total paper capacity of 1,050 sheets. Paper up to A4 in size and
    128gsm in weight can be used with the MFX-1330.

    As standard the MFX-1330 can be used as a GDI
    computer printer with colour scanning facility. An optional network upgrade is
    available with a PCL6 print controller allowing network printing and black and
    white scanning to hard drive, e-mail or Internet fax. For fax operation the
    MFX-1330 has a 33.6k bps modem for a fast 2 second per page transmission speed.
    ITU-T Super Group 3 standard is supported with JBIG compression.

    A triple access facility means that the versatile
    MFX-1330 can perform three functions simultaneously for example receiving a fax
    into memory, printing from computer and also scanning.

    Commenting on the launch of the MFX-1330, Jonathan
    Whitworth, Sales and Marketing Director for Muratec said, “The MFX-1330 is
    another winner for Muratec. It has been designed specifically for commercial
    rather than domestic use so it is fully featured, reliable and economic to run.
    Running and servicing costs are an important part of our TCO arguments so the
    MFX-1330 has been designed for optimum drum life and toner capacity. We
    anticipate high levels of sales to our corporate customers”.

    *Yields based on six percent document coverage and
    two page printing cycle.












    Muratec, the multifunction specialist company,
    has launched the MFX-1330 multifunctional system which can be used as a desktop
    copier, fax, scanner and printer with network printing and scanning