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 user 2005-03-29 at 10:12:00 am Views: 92
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    Cerebral Palsy of Colorado Celebrates Earth Day 2005
    by Recycling Laptop Computers, PDA’s, Cell Phones and Laser & Ink Jet

    DENVER, March 05 — Cerebral Palsy of Colorado will be collecting Laptop
    Computers, PDA’s (Blackberry’s, Smartphones, Palm’s, etc.), Cell Phones and
    Laser & Ink Jet Cartridges in honor of Earth Day, April 22, 2005.

    Liz Neafus-Stenzel, Director of Development, Marketing and Public Relations
    for Cerebral Palsy of Colorado asks “all Coloradoans to not store or throw away
    old cell phones and electronics equipment. These items contain a number of toxic
    chemicals, which have been associated with cancer and a range of reproductive,
    neurological and development disorders. They must be safely recycled. Last year
    alone, over 275 million cartridges and 30 million cell phones were tossed into
    our already cluttered landfills, where they may leak chemicals. If there were a
    way for us to recycle all computers, we would do it, but, at least, we can keep
    laptop computers, PDA’s, cell phones and laser & ink jet cartridges out of
    the landfills.”

    This program will be ongoing, no ending date. For pick up of laptop
    computers, PDA’s, cell phones and laser & ink jet cartridges, please contact
    Ray Zielke at Cartridges for Kids, (800) 420-0235, REZ@accessftc.com. Every cent
    of every dollar raised through this recycling program goes directly to fund new
    wheelchair accessible playground equipment for Cerebral Palsy of Colorado’s
    Creative Options Early Education Centers. Donations are tax deductible to the
    full extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor.

    DID YOU KNOW? CP of Colorado provides early care & education, employment
    and statewide family support services for “at risk” Coloradoans with a wide
    variety of physical, mental health, and neurological challenges as well as
    Cerebral Palsy. Please know that donations are judiciously administered with
    ninety cents of every dollar going directly into critical programs and services.
    For more information about any of our programs and services please visit
    http://www.cpco.org or call us at 303-691-9339.

    Source: Cerebral Palsy of Colorado

    CONTACT: Liz Neafus-Stenzel, Director, Development, Marketing &
    Relations of Cerebral Palsy of Colorado,