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 user 2005-04-02 at 9:59:00 am Views: 96
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    Epson Denied Preliminary Injunction Against Multi

    On March 3, a federal judge in Portland, Ore., denied Epson’s request to file
    a motion to restrict Multi Union from selling certain inkjet replacement
    cartridges compatible with Epson printers that allegedly infringe Epson’s
    dot-matrix patents.

    The judge also denied Epson’s request to file a motion for summary judgment
    on Multi Union’s invalidity defenses. While the judge determined that certain
    replacement inkjet cartridges infringe Epson’s dot-matrix patents, the judge did
    not determine whether all accused cartridge models infringe, or whether Epson’s
    dot-matrix patents are valid. Those issues will be tried by a jury in September

    Print-Rite Holdings Ltd. and Print-Rite Management Services Co. Ltd. were
    previously dismissed from the lawsuit and therefore are not impacted by this

    A spokesperson for Multi Union said, “While we are disappointed with the
    court’s interpretation of Epson’s dot-matrix patents and the rulings that flow
    from it, we believe that those patents will eventually be declared either
    invalid or not infringed


    Judge in Oregon rules imported ink cartridges infringe
    Epson patents

    LONG BEACH, Calif.A federal judge has ruled that imported
    ink cartridges for use in computer printers violate patents held by Epson
    America Inc.

    The judge ruled earlier this month that 26 ink cartridges made by four
    companies based in China infringe on Epson patents.

    In the ruling, issued March 3 and released this week, the judge granted
    several summary judgment motions made by Epson and denied motions made by the

    However, the judge did not order that the ink jet cartridges made by
    Print-Rite Holdings, Multi-Union Trading Co. and Dynamic Print USA Inc. be
    removed from the market. Instead, a trial is scheduled for September on several
    defenses against the claims and a request for monetary damages made by

    The case is being heard in U.S. District Court in Portland, Ore. Epson
    America Inc. is based in Long Beach.