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 user 2005-04-03 at 12:46:00 pm Views: 138
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    Switch to laser printers and save costs’

    PORTLAND (OREGON), APRIL 05. Replace your ink-jet printer
    because it is inefficient and harms the environment, says Xerox Corporation. The
    multinational corporation will run a big advertisement campaign in the
    developing world over the coming months targeting the ink-jet printer.

    As much as 11 to 12 million ink-jet printers are purchased
    every year by consumers in the developing markets, according to a Xerox
    estimation. This is not the case in the U.S. or most parts of Europe, company
    representatives here said.

    “We don’t have ink-jets. We have nothing to defend. Basically,
    the message is `switch’. Because you can save money,” says Kaz Herchold, Senior
    Vice President, DMO Business Group Operations. Switch to laser printers.

    Xerox executives say that few organisations in the developing
    world have actively managed print costs. And, ink-jet printers have been part of
    the problem, they believe.

    So what, you may ask. The answer lies in another Xerox
    statistics: as much as 1.3 trillion documents are generated in the developing
    world each year.

    Over a period, there could be huge cost savings if the purchase
    managers looked at their printer purchases a little more closely. “Documents
    have not historically been on the IT manager’s radar screen. Because the
    printers on which the documents are produced are not glamorous for the IT
    manager. They are much more interested in software, computer hardware and
    network infrastructure. And so peripherals are in the end of the food chain.
    They like to spend as little as possible on these purchases. What they fail to
    understand is the role of documents and managing the cost of what they do
    efficiently,” says Mr. Herchold.

    Ink-jets are popular because they are inexpensive, but the
    technology is expensive, he adds. Though the initial cost is cheaper, the
    maintenance cost is high. For instance, once a colour ink-jet runs out of one of
    the four colours, you have to discard it, unlike in a solid ink laser printer
    where you merely replace the colour that has been consumed.

    It is also sensible to go in for a laser printer because laser
    acquisition costs are coming down. “In the last year-and-a-half, the cost of
    low-end laser has come down dramatically. Today, a solid ink printer is
    available for $999 … Suddenly buying a laser is not that hard a decision. This
    will become immediately apparent to an intelligent buyer,” he says.

    Xerox prepares to take the number two spot in developing
    markets. The printer market in the developing world is ready for an alternative,
    the company believes. “When I look at the developing markets there is a clear

    number one. But there is no clear number two. We believe that the market is
    ready for a strong number two everywhere. We think we can be the number two
    since we are a big brand, because we offer the channel access to a broader range
    of products than the number one has,” he adds.

    “We believe that every IT manager would like to have an
    alternative when they are considering a printer purchase. In multi-function
    systems we are by far the strongest player. We have got better products,
    stronger products, been at it longer, the products are better integrated,” he

    Asked about the market perception about Xerox — that it only
    looks at the big clients — he said this was not true. “We are not just big iron
    sellers. There are plenty of attractive smaller products that can be sold by our
    channel partners. We are not an expensive click box vendor. We are not the
    Mercedes of the office equipment range. We are affordable and price
    competitive,” he says.