ReFortunEast Seminars

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ReFortunEast Seminars

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     THE REFORTUNEAST SEMINARS< ?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    < ?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />BUCHAREST, 16 – 17 APRIL 2005 

    VENUE: HOTEL Herastrau


     *      Do you want to learn the latest achievements of re-industry

    *      Do you want to be among the leaders of Re-industry in each country of CEE

    *      Do you want to learn ”Who is who?” in the re-industry in Romania

    *      Do you want to prove that you are a producer or distributor

     This new approach is called the ”ReFortunEast Seminars”. It is a joint project of “ReFortunEast magazine”, “RechargEast Magazine” and Aydany Consulting Ltd. We have planed 6 seminars in 6 countries of CEE for 2005.The main visitors of these seminars will be the companies of re-industry in each country. The educational part of the seminars is sponsored by the local leading companies and by the world producers of consumables for laser printers and copiers (toners, OPC, inks for inkjet printers, spare parts, etc.)

    The seminars will be two days. The first day is dedicated to education and increasing of the qualification of the participants. The second day is marketing. Companies will demonstrate their items as well as they can talk personally with the representatives of the companies of each country. There are translators from English to each language for all seminars and educational events. Participation in the seminars is FREE for the representatives of each country if they fill the questionnaires, connected with their company profiles.)

     The Herastrau Hotel*** is a newly build three-star hotel with 68 accomodation places in 25 double rooms and 3 suites with modern amenities: air conditioning, minibar, cable TV, radio, direct dial-up telephone, Breakfast room, Conference room, Room service, Fax, internet and e-mail access and other specific hotel services.  



    Tel./fax: +359 52 637102

    RechargEast Ltd

    10 Yurii Venelin Str., Unit 2

    9000 Varna, Bulgaria