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 user 2005-04-06 at 11:17:00 am Views: 83
  • #8654

    Future Graphics Releases New Soft PCR for Use in
    HP2100,4000, 4100,4200,and 4300

    Future Graphics has announced the release of a new
    soft PCR that can be used in a number of popular printer engines, including the
    HP2100, HP4000, HP4100, HP4200, and HP4300.

    The new Future Graphics soft PCR for these engines has a durable outer
    sheathing to protect against wear. It has been specially engineered to
    significantly reduce drum harmonics and to help prevent print defects, such as
    ghosting and backgrounding. The Future Graphics soft PCR is the most cost
    effective alternative to recoated PCRs.

    At the time this release was sent to press, Future Graphics was close to
    qualifying other soft PCRs. Please ask your rep about additional soft PCRs
    available for other engines.

    Aa with all Future Graphics products, components and supplies are tested and
    qualified using STMC criteria. All Future Graphics imaging components are
    co-developed and engineered to system compatibility specifications and are
    backed by Future Graphics 100% guarantee for print quality and cartridge
    performance reliability.

    For more information, visit the Future Graphics Web site at
    http://www.futuregraphicsllc.com or email us at info@futuregraphicsllc.com. By phone,
    contact Future Graphics (Corporate Office) at (US) 800.394.9900 or (Int’l) +01
    (818) 837-8100. For Europe, please contact Delacamp at http://www.delacamp.com or call
    +49 (40) 32 58 28 0 (Int’l)