OEM Lexmark Buy and Sell!

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OEM Lexmark Buy and Sell!

 user 2005-04-06 at 11:31:00 am Views: 97
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    Hi All,

    My name is Justyn, and I’ve been in the Lexmark consumables business for 6 years now. Please feel free to contact me for all of your OEM Lexmark toner needs. I’m a one man show, but strive to provide immediate shipping, excellent service, and very competitive pricing on all OEM original Lexmark toners.

    Frequent part numbers that I carry (and purchase): 12A5845, 12A6835, 12A7462, 12A7465, 12A6838, 12A7469, 12A7362, 12A5745, 1382925, 1382625, C720′s, C750′s, 1380950, 1382150, and many more. I also carry the special Lexmark Program cartridges (12A7632, 12A3160, 12A6160, 12A5140, etc..).

    Thanks for your time,