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 user 2005-04-08 at 1:20:00 am Views: 120
  • #8692

    We have the following empties available.

    Non virgin available upon request.

    E31         &nb sp;     300CS

    FX3         &nb sp;    380PCS

    FX4         &nb sp;    140PCS

    FX7         &nb sp;     62PCS

    47DR         &n bsp;  44PCS

    48ND         &n bsp;  168PCS

    XC800         & nbsp;150PCS

    113R462       56PCS

    113R296      110PCS

    4059         &n bsp;   60PCS

    OPTRA T      348PCS

    T620         &n bsp;  320PCS

    IBM1130      102PCS

    E210         &n bsp; 126PCS

    IBM1120      91PCS

    HPC4127X   1190PCS

    HPC4092A   3100PCS

    HPC4096A   750PCS

    HPC3903A   330PCS

    HPC3906A 500PCS

    HPC8061A   695PCS

    HPC8061X    350PCS

    HP1300A    3000PCS

    HP4200      296PCS

    HP4300       62PCS

    HPQ2612A   2230PCS

    HPQ2610A 2000PCS

    HPQ5942A    10PCS

    HPC4129X   120PCS

    HP8500 MIXED 2000PCS

    HPC8061X NV     10000PCS

    HPC4182X NV     1500PCS

    HPC3909A NV     1000PCS

    OPTRA S & T NV    1500PCS

    And much more……